4 Mistakes You Do While Picking Your Formal Shoes

4 Mistakes You Do While Picking Your Formal Shoes

Men look their best in crisp formal attire. We’re sure all of you will agree to that. But, many of us tend to think that a ‘formal look’ does not do great justice to our personality and we tend to stick to a variety of casual looks or semi-formal looks. We would like to intervene in that thought process and tell you that you will look dashing good in formals, if, you follow the right things.

Pulling off a formal look can sound like a very tiring task to some, and to some, almost unachievable. Well, it is not a difficult look if you know what you need to be wearing and how to be wearing those.

Now, we all do know that your shoes are the first thing people subconsciously notice about you. And, with this point taken care of, your formal look can get very close to perfection.

But, how much of importance do we really give to that?

Here are 4 major mistakes we commit while picking our shoes. Read on and make sure to avoid them.

1. Colour coordination

Choosing any colour that complements your skin tone for a professional look is fine but there is a general rule that black coloured shoes will go with a certain shirt colors and brown shoes go with a certain shirt colors. Make sure to complement your shoe colour with your shirt colour, the right way.

Quick tip – Your belt color needs to match your shoe color, mandatorily!

2. Pick the right type

These days, the varieties of formal shoes that are available are too many. We go to the store and pick the one that is ‘in fashion’ and this can play a huge role in spoiling your look. Loafers, pointy formals, oxford shoes, brogues, etc. are the options that you could pick from. Do a little research on the kind that would fit your personality type and then go for buying one.

3. Size mistakes

A comfortable pair of shoes can get your day going, smoothly. But, an uncomfortable pair of shoes is sure to interfere with your plan for the day too. Make sure to know your size well in advance, the size that makes you feel comfortable and complements you.

4. Not attire-friendly

One of the major mistakes, the shoes doesn’t flatter your attire and vice-versa. A dressy pair of shoes paired with casual set of clothing or semi-formal set needs to be chosen right. Don’t team up your grand pair of shoes with something relatively simple or the other way round.

Always remember, a right pair of formal shoes has the ability to build up your confidence and make that first impression with your boss, your clients, or your peers, the best!

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