5 Easy Shoe Care Tips For Happy Feet

5 Easy Shoe Care Tips For Happy Feet

Women love shoes - and every kind of them. They wish that their stylish pair of heels or the classic ballerinas would last forever, but sadly, that is not the case. Long-term use leads to wear and tear, and finally, they need to be sent to shoe heaven. Some lose their former sheen and glory, some remain stinky and some others become excessively dirty and muddy that they require a complete makeover. So whether they are new or old, to get your women’s shoes back to being beautiful and functional, here are a few tips that you need to try.

Tips To Clean Fabric Women’s Shoes

Women’s shoes made of fabric are the perfect comfort wear, but they get dirty easily. To clean them, first make sure that: 

  1. They are dry, even if they have mud or dirt on them

  2. Brush the dirt off with a soft brush

  3. Take a paper towel to remove the leftover mud & dirt

  4. Dip a toothbrush in a soap solution & gently scrub the fabric

  5. Wipe the fabric with a moistened paper towel to remove soap residue

  6. Continue till the soap is rinsed off and blot dry another paper towel

  7. Dry the shoes away from heat or sunlight and finally see them squeaky clean


Tips For Odourless Running Shoes

Stinky shoes are a result of bacteria thriving and releasing their odours due to your sweat. Here's how to make your women’s shoes smell pleasant:

  1. Place the shoes in a freezer by packing them in a plastic bag. This kills the bacteria.

  2. Or spray rubbing alcohol or white vinegar to kill them

  3. Fill an empty tea filter with baking soda and place it inside the shoes to remove the stench

  4. You can also place them every day under the sun to maintain freshness after using them

  5. Put a few drops of tea tree essential oil onto a cotton ball & place it inside your shoe for fragrance

  6. Or you can place cedarwood instead to deodorize

  7. And finally, you get your running shoes smelling like perfume


Tips For A Slip-Resistant Women’s Formal Shoes

Here are some quick-fix solutions to ensure your women’s shoes are non-slippery as much as possible:


  1. Scrape the soles of your women’s formal shoes onto the gravel or rough concrete to produce scuffs which would increase the traction of your shoes

  2. Rub sandpaper on the soles to make them rough

  3. You can apply hairspray onto the sole to make them sticky and non-slippery

  4. Or apply puff paint instead for a long term solution

  5. You can also attach a non-slip sole onto the shoe sole to prevent skidding or slipping

  6. And finally, you get a shoe that prevents you from embarrassing slips


Tips To Make Vinyl Casual Shoes For Women Scuff-Free

Make your women’s casual shoes look elegant and scuff-free forever with this simple tip.

  1. With a clean, wet cloth wipe your vinyl shoes to get rid of dirt and dust

  2. Take a melamine foam, make it wet and squeeze out the excess water

  3. Scrub it over the scuff marks to erase them

  4. If scuff marks persist, dab a cotton swab with nail polish remover and erase them

  5. And lastly, see your shoes blemish-free


Tips To Repair The Soles Of Women’s Casual Shoes

Soles are an important part of shoes and render them useless when damaged. Here is a DIY solution to fix the soles of casual shoes for women:

  1. Strip the soles from the shoes with pliers
  2. Dissolve the old glue at the bottom of the shoe by rubbing them with acetone
  3. Remove grime and dirt as well
  4. Take sandpaper and roughen the bottom of the shoe for superior glue adherence 
  5. With a brush, apply the glue onto the new sole
  6. Attach the new sole to the bottom of the shoe and place weights to stick them firmly
  7. To fully cure the shoes, leave them undisturbed for 24 hours
  8. And finally, see your shoes with a new solemate

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