5 Tips for wearing brown shoes this season!

5 Tips for wearing brown shoes this season!

Brown is a versatile colour; it can complement anything and everything. In nature, the brown hue is widely observed in rocks, trees, land, gemstones, animals, fruits, nuts and much more. Seeing how good this colour is, paragon has created a range of stylish women’s slippers and chappals in a variety of brown hues. And if you are wondering how to look your best in a pair of brown footwear, read this blog for 5 great tips for wearing brown shoes.

Wear Brown Slippers For Girls In The Rainy Season

Rainy seasons in India are refreshing but can cause inconvenience when walking on wet muddy roads. So this pair of Solea women’s slippers in a dark chocolate brown hue, are a great way to camouflage unsightly mud stains on your footwear as opposed to white chappals. 

The sole material is made of PU which allows it to be durable in wet conditions, while the straps and the one toe closure let your feet fit snugly and provide stability while walking. Shop for these women’s chappals at affordable prices only from Paragon.


Wear Brown Women’s Chappals When It's Hot & Dusty

Hot sunny days let fine sand dust settle on your footwear, making them dusty and dull, especially with shoe colors that are dark hues of black, violet, green and bright colours of yellow, white and pastels. An easy trick to cover up the dusty mess is to wear a pair of light brown ladies’ chappals. 

Made of resin outer material the women’s slippers are easy to maintain as the dust can be wiped off without much hassle. Moreover, in hot summers these airy slippers for girls allow for sweat-free feet.


Wear Brown Women’s Slippers With Traditional Outfits

India abounds in traditional attires and each of them is available in numerous colours. If you are wondering what shoes would look the best in these ethnic outfits, then ladies’ chappals in shades of versatile brown are what you must try. 

This Solea women’s slipper in brown with a striking shimmery embellishment is perfect for any traditional attire, whether it be a saree, ghagra choli, salwar kameez or the kurti. Shop for this stunning pair from Paragon and look like a traditional beauty.


Wear Brown Ladies’ Chappals For Any Outfit

If you are clueless about what kind of footwear to wear, just stick to brown. They go well with any kind or colour of dress. Other times it is impossible to buy shoes of every colour to complement the dress - well because you have a limited budget. Such times call for the versatile women’s chappals in brown hues, well-suited for any outfit.

The ankle straps provide the right kind of fit and stability when walking about, while the PU soles allow your feet to be cushioned and comfortable. Shop now for brown slippers for girls at affordable prices from Paragon.


Versatile Brown Women’s Slippers Perfect As Gifts

Buying versatile gifts is the best option when you want to gift someone. There is no need to fret about whether they would like it or not. So when you ever want to gift shoes, choose the one that would suit any occasion or outfit; like these stylish women’s slippers in dark brown. 

The velcro closure lets one wear the shoes easily without any hassle and the straps ensure that the feet are secure at all times. The PU sole material allows for comfortable and cushioned walks. 

 ParagonFootwear cares about the health of its customers and so we have undertaken extensive preventive and precautionary measures in our production, storage and distribution facilities so as to ensure that every product you receive, including women’s slippers are #SafeToTouch.

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