6 Things To Consider While Buying Footwear For Achy Feet

6 Things To Consider While Buying Footwear For Achy Feet

Achy feet can be a real big problem in your everyday life, and if you do not take care of them at the right time, they can lead to major complications in the future. Whether it’s an injury that has been worrying your feet or it is a chronic pain that is not going away, what you wear on your feet actually matters a lot. Yes, the wrong kind of footwear can often increase your pain and can even cause permanent damage to your muscles and ligaments. But, relax, we are here to help you with that. Here are six things you need to consider before buying footwear for your achy feet. Read on to bid goodbye to the pain!

Sole Matters

When was the last time you checked the sole of your shoe while buying? The sole is often neglected while shopping for shoes, and this is because we do not realise the importance of it. A non-slippery sole which has a good grip in important while shopping for shoes, because, without you knowing, a slippery sole might change the way you walk.

While you are busy trying to balance your way, you are probably altering your natural gait. So, make sure that your sole is giving you a good grip.

Avoid High Heels

Ah, the number of times we’ve heard stories where people have sacrificed their comfort for a pair of cute-looking or trendy heels. Heels are definitely a style statement, but they are also harmful to your feet, especially if you have achy feet. Instead, check out other equally trending options in flat shoes like women’s sandals  or ballerinas!

The Right Size 

Do you know that both your feet could be of different sizes? Yeah, that is actually possible. Always make sure to get both your feet measured while you are shoe shopping. If you are wearing shoes which are a size too small, then it might increase your pain.

Your Arch Enemy

There are two kinds of feet: one with high arches, and one with low, or flat feet. The shoes that you pick should be able to support your arches and be comfortable. 

Using Insoles 

Insoles have been called the miracle cure for feet ache. They can help you with your posture and feet. Specially made insoles like orthotic insoles can also give your feet the support that you need and can heal problems like heel pain, arch pain, and the pain at the balls of your feet.

Changing Shoes Often

Worn out shoes can also be causing you a lot of pain. Keep in mind to change your shoes every 5 months at least.

 It is true that something as simple as following these few steps while shopping for shoes can actually help you with your pain. If you want to shop for quality shoes which understand your feet, then shop for footwear on Paragon . The unique and durable footwear can help you with any kind of feet problems. 

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