7 Looks For Every Day of the Week

7 Looks For Every Day of the Week

Shoes are such an essential part of our daily dressing. It is often said that when people meet, the first thing to be noticed are the shoes. Surely a major part of the quintessential first impression is made there.

Every day of the week we are meeting people and interacting with them. Be it a casual meeting with the gang or a formal meeting with business partners, making the right impression is crucial.

To help you with the dilemma, we put together 7 looks for each day of the week!

1. Monday

Start the week with a formal approach. Most likely to be engaged in meetings and work, Monday is the day to go formal with your outfit. Check out the Paragon Beige and Blue Sandals with a slight wedge heel.  Nothing beats the look of a Grey pencil skirt, a crisp White shirt and these sandals!

                                      Women Beige Sandal Slippers


2. Tuesday

It's still early in the week and the work just doesn't seem to stop! For Tuesday, go for something comfortable and stylish. What better than a pair of well-fitted denims, a solid coloured shirt and these Paragon Brown heeled slippers to complete the look.

                                           Women Brown Slipper

3. Wednesday

Its midweek and you are ready to go for the office lunch with the team. Opt for something bright yet professional like the Paragon Women's Brown Formal Slippers to go with your favourite pair of jeans and a pretty ruffled top!

                                       Women Brown Formal Slipper

4. Thursday

Thursdays are days when the workload isn't much and a dinner with the gang doesn't sound bad! For that, pick footwear that's stylish and comfortable at the same time. Try the Paragon Black sandals to go with a pretty churidar suit. The slingback feature and the gold embellishment on the front make this footwear the perfect union of style and comfort.

                                       Women Black Sandal Slippers

5. Friday

The weekend is here and movie plans with your loved ones are what you have been looking forward to all week. Go for something that is dressy and sure to make a lasting impression like the Paragon Tan Sandals for women. The peep-toe feature, when paired with a pretty flowy dress, makes just the right statement.

                                    Women Tan Sandal Slippers

6. Saturday

The day to have fun is here! Shopping plans, a trip to the parlour and painting the town red with the girls is on the agenda! For this, you need something colourful and bright. How about the Paragon Women's Blue Sandals? The comfortable soles help you stay on your feet all day and the bright colour brings in the weekend mood!

                                        Women Blue Sandal Slippers


7. Sunday

After an eventful week, all you need is a day of relaxation. Lazing around the house in your pyjamas is all you intend to do. So how about a pair of colourfully printed flip-flops? The Violet flip-flops for women are all you need to keep your feet comfortable and ready for the next week to come!

                                    Women Voilet Flipflop Slippers

So what are you waiting for? Get your week started with Paragon and log on to www.paragonfootwear.com to stock up on these essentials!

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