An Avalanche Of Budget-Friendly Shoes For Your Little Ones

An Avalanche Of Budget-Friendly Shoes For Your Little Ones

We take considerable pride in putting together clothes with the right accessories. However, we often wonder whether it's worth it to buy shoes for kids with the same dedication owing to the short shelf life of kids shoes. Thankfully, our selection of budget-friendly shoes(all under Rs 500/-) allows you to buy kid shoes with gusto. You can even buy different shoes for various occasions. Here are our top picks for boys, girls and babies:


 1) Lace-up sneakers

                                         Kids Black Formal Shoes

All boys deserve to have one cool pair of black lace-up sneakers. They’re versatile enough for school and casual wear. Ideally, pair them with denim and tees.

2) Floaters

                                          Boys Green Slipper

Take your kid for long strolls and mini treks with this sturdy pair of floaters. The ergonomic shape and slip-proof soles ensure maximum comfort and stability.

3) Canvas shoes

                                  Mens Blue color school shoes

Help your kid achieve the preppy look with classic canvas sneakers. The white ones are a key addition too. And don’t just let them wear these to school; wear it for casuals outings too.

4) Oxfords

                                Mens Black color school shoes

These are as formal as it gets for boys and that’s why they’re standard schoolwear accessories. However, they can be worn with formal shirts and trousers too.



1) Mary Janes

                                 women black color school shoes

A classic pair of black Mary Janes is not just great with school uniforms, but also with dresses. Therefore get two pairs - one for school and one for outings.

2) Sandals

                                   girls red color school shoes

A pair of dainty sandals are a must in any girl’s wardrobe. This cute pair even has a trail of butterflies on the footbed and a flower decoration on the straps.

3) Ballet flats

                                           Girls white slipper

Finally, a pair of versatile ballet flats that go with almost any outfit. Plus, these are sparkly, water-proof and come with perforated uppers to keep moisture away, making them ideal for monsoons too.

Baby shoes


1) Slip-ons

                                           kids green shoes

Buying baby shoes online needn’t be tricky with simple slip-on shoes like these with elasticated sides for good fit, grooved soles for grip and fun, colorful uppers.


2) Velcro closure sneakers

                                   kids white color shoes

Even babies can rock athleisure with these sporty white sneakers with velcro closures.

 We hope that with our wide selection of fun shoes, your child will not just walk, but hop and skip all the way to the school, market, home and what have you!

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