Best Travel Shoes For Kids

Best Travel Shoes For Kids

Experience the world through the soles of your feet. Whether you are digging your toes into the sandy beaches or scaling hills, your feet are your most basic mode of transportation. You want to ensure that the footwear you choose for your kids works for most travel destinations and is easy to carry.

Paragon's travel shoes are the epitome of comfort, durability, and affordability, which you often seek when choosing kid's shoes online. They are breathable and light in weight, which is essential while travelling.

Kids shoes by Paragon is the perfect pick to meet the travel needs of your child. Made with excellent materials, the shoes are 100% waterproof and versatile for the all-terrain. The icing on the cake is that they are available at affordable prices. The kids' classic shoes have a perfect grip, comfortable soles and are flexible around the toes. Give your kids a perfect travel partner with paragon travel shoes!


It seems like a never-ending packing list when travelling with kids- clothes, snacks, toys!- the right footwear can make travelling so much smoother. 

When planning a trip for kids, you should always consider their footwear. Annoying, swelled, aching, and uncomfortable feet can ruin their vacation. When it comes to kid's shoes for travel- Think of comfort before anything else!

In this post, you can find experience-based suggestions for the best kids shoes online that best suits their travel needs. Parents have trusted Paragon because of its comfort, affordability, and durability.

Why is it important to pick the right kids' travel shoes?


Travelling can be therapeutic until your kids start crying and complaining. Uncomfortable footwear can turn your relaxing trip into a nightmare. They might get a shoe bite or blisters under their toes that would ruin their excitement, ultimately ruining the entire trip. This is why, while travelling, you must carefully choose the right kids' casual shoes.

The market is full of a wide variety of footwear for kids, and it is a challenge to find the best quality shoes for kids that are affordable yet comfortable. A word of advice, do not try to save a dollar at the cost of comfort because you can't put a price on solace.

Things to take care of when buying kids shoes online


  1. Kids' casual shoes need to be lightweight. This will help them move comfortably and not have aching feet.
  2. Opt for shoes having a thick rubber sole.
  3. Ensure that your kid gets well-fitted footwear.
  4. Kids shoes should have some room, about 1-2 inches, for growth.
  5. Look for safety aspects – make sure your kid’s footwear is suitable and safe for the chosen travel destinations.

Best kids shoes by Paragon to make the travel of your kids comfortable and exciting

  • Sandals

They are a great choice for kids classic shoes for family trips and summer outings. They are excellent to let your kid's little feet breathe and are good, especially for beach trips and short walks. Paragon's open sandals are water-resistant and have soft straps.  The outer material is made from resin and the sole material is PU. The comfortable soles are complemented with alluring embellishments and slingback closure. This sandal with colorful T-straps and an ankle closure strap for closure is available at the budget-friendly price at Paragon.

  • Canvas shoes

If you are looking for the exceptionally fashionable walking shoes that best fit your bill and provide comfort to your kid while travelling, then Paragon’s canvas shoes are the best pick. The shoes are a laced-up variety and feature PVC soles. The outer material is fabricated with cloth and the sole is made from PVC. Epitome of style, affordability, formal-look, perfect grip and comfort these shoes are the best pick for travelling for your child.

  • Casual shoes

The captivating looking canvas shoes from Paragon embossed with the favorite cartoon characters are the all time favourite kids shoes. Attractive, affordable and durable casual shoes are versatile and one of the best investments you can make when buying travelling shoes for your kids. Outer material is made from fabric with a sole made from PVC, providing comfort and softness making the travel enjoyable and convenient for your kids.  The Pokeman face print casual shoes are available at an affordable price at Paragon.

  • Sneakers

Sneakers are best recommended for city trips. Any city trip is synonymous with lots and lots of walking. Choose lightweight, comfortable sneakers that would let your kids explore the city in style. Cute, snug, and comfortable slip-on sneakers for kids are the best shoe option for theme parks as well. Best pick for travelling in spring and autumn. Paragon's trending sneakers are the epitome of style and flair.  The closed toes shoe features colorful prints and velcro fastening. The sole material is made from PVC for ultimate comfort while travelling. The comfortable, stylish, casual and black-purple shoes are a worthwhile addition to any shoe collection for your kids. To shop similar products, check out Paragon’s website.


  • Sports shoes

The navy blue casual sports shoes from Paragon offer unmatched style and comfort while traveling. THe laced-up shoes offer a snug-fit and guaranteed comfort. Outer material is made from Mesh and sole material is from EVA.  Click out Paragon’s website to check out different styles of kids’ sport shoes.

Paragon offers a wide range of shoes for kids of all ages that make their travel comfortable and enjoyable. Let your kids unwrap the beauties of nature, beaches, hills, and seas with the best kids' travel shoes.  

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