Celebrating in Style: A Guide to the Latest Men's Footwear Trends for This Festive Season

Celebrating in Style: A Guide to the Latest Men's Footwear Trends for This Festive Season

Men love to embrace the richness of traditional clothing and show off their excellent style and tasteful wardrobe selections during Indian festivities. With great pride and a legacy of making high quality and sturdy footwear,  Paragon Footwear offers these recommendations for you. Let us explore the newest styles of mens footwear for this season of festivals. Come along on this fashion adventure with us to ensure that you celebrate this wonderful festive season in unmatched style.


Latest Trends In Men’s Footwear This  Festive Season


Slippers with Thread work

During the festival season, mens slippers with detailed embroidery and threadwork are a popular choice. These are really luxurious and go great with traditional attire like a  well-fitting churidar and kurta or even a sherwanis.


Timeless Oxfords

Oxford shoes have long been associated with elegance and class. These timeless lace-up shoes, which have a closed fastening system and are expertly crafted, have a subtle grace about them. Oxford shoes ensure that you stand out at every festive occasion or event thanks to their flexibility as a suitable fit for formal clothing.


Comfy Snug of Sandals

This festive season, there is an increasing demand for semi-formal yet sleek mens sandals with cushioned soles Their ergonomic design makes them the perfect option for an ethnic dress because of their exquisite craftsmanship and designs. They go well with linen suits or traditional outfits like kurta-pajamas, or dhotis and provide a comfortable and stylish combination.


Sleek Mules

Mules are comfortable to wear and have a laid-back yet fashionable appearance. Choose mules that highlight a keen eye for detail and forward-thinking style, such as those with distinctive stitching or laser-cut patterns. Mules are a great way to round off your festive wardrobe since they seamlessly combine both style and comfort.


Accentuate with Flipflops

Invest in lightweight yet stylish flipflops for men with ethnic elements and traditional designs  to make your flip-flop match up with the festive attire. Their various colours, strap designs and comfortable heel height, make flipflops your trusted partner in those extended party hours. These breathable footwear are ideal for a laid-back yet fashionable festive appearance.


Understated Effortless Elegance

If you're going for a minimalist style, think about wearing mens chappals or slippers that are available in black, tan, or navy hues. These adaptable options which are always preferred for their breathability and comfortable lightweight, go well with both classic and modern ensembles.


Style Elevation With Loafers

Loafers provide an elegant and textured appearance. Choose earthy hues like olive or tan to go with your holiday dress and appreciate the extra bit of opulence they provide to your look. The ease of slipping off and on with loafers makes your celebration times more convenient, and their comfy design guarantees a cosy feeling throughout the celebrations.


Quilted Sliders

Sliders for men with quilting provide both flair and comfort. To create a striking impression during celebratory events, choose rich burgundy, royal blue, or emerald green when it comes to festive combinations. Their soft, quilted texture gives your smart-casual ensemble a luxurious touch while making sure you shine out at every turn.


Sporty Festive Spirits

Look into patterned canvas athletic shoes for a modern take on a classic style. These offer exceptional comfort and flair, which makes them an ideal option for informal celebrations and adding a distinctive ethnic touch to your outfit. Throughout the celebrations, their lightweight design guarantees comfort all day long.


Functionality of  Fenders

Check out fenders for a stylish and eye-catching design during these festivals. Fenders guarantee that you shine out on the room in addition to providing dependable safety and functionality. They also provide you a chance to show off your unique flair. A variety of designs ensures years of use and a fashionable edge that goes well with your individuality.




It's important to find the ideal mix of tradition and fashion when celebrating in style. Not only can comfortable yet fashionable footwear complement your festive ensemble, but it also makes it easy for you to celebrate, dance, and create lifelong memories.


Refine your look this festive season with Paragon, which offers the newest styles in mens footwear. There are several alternatives to pick from, depending on your preference for either splendour or simplicity. Wear the ideal pair of shoes from Paragon to celebrate festivals in style as you embrace the combination of culture and contemporary.

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