Choose the Right School Shoes for Your Child

Choose the Right School Shoes for Your Child

Having aching feet and foot related problems are very common among adults. Studies reveal that only 40% people retain proper health of the feet through adulthood. This is mainly due to wearing ill-fitted shoes. This is also the main reason why parents need to be very careful while buying school shoes for their children as they spend a major part of the day in school shoes.

A child’s feet grow several sizes within the initial 3 years of development. Unfortunately, almost 50% of children wear a size too small for their feet. Wearing proper footwear is especially important for children whose feet are still growing and developing.

Girls Black School Shoes


Before analysing the do’s and don’ts of buying shoes for children, parents must know the anatomy of a child’s shoe:

    • Toe box – Is the area that the toes fit into. It has to have enough space for healthy and unobstructed foot growth
    • Insole – Is the added padding inserted above the sole of the shoe; it should have odour control and anti-bacterial properties.
    • Lining – Is the covering for the inside of the shoe; it should provide comfort and allow the foot to breathe
    • Sole – Is the bottom layer of the shoe; it should be flexible and slip-resistant
    • Heel – Is the rear part of the bottom layer of the shoe; it should provide shock absorption to the child's feet
    • Heel stabilizer – Is the part that forms the heel; it should provide additional support to the child's ankles and feet while walking
Boys Black School Shoes

Let’s look at some rules of buying the right school shoes:

            1.        Let your child take control

Since they will be wearing the shoes for the whole day, they need to be involved in the buying process. Ask for their feedback and base our decision on that.

            2.       Don’t rush it

Shopping for school shoes for kids can’t be rushed. Set aside ample time for your child to decide and also for the store staff to correctly measure and fit your child’s feet. It’s also a good idea for the child to walk in the shoes around the store to see how it feels.

            3.        “Wearing shoes in” is a myth

Immediate comfort is of utmost importance when buying school shoes for children. The right fit and high quality, like those by Paragon, will feel comfortable instantly.

            4.       Don’t be tempted to go up a size

As much as it may be tempting to get a size bigger for your child to make the shoe last longer, it is not the best idea as it may adversely affect foot health. Too much room in the shoes can cause calluses, blisters and damaged toenails due to friction.

Paragon Footwear has a great collection of school shoes that are comfortable, durable and perfect for your child’s feet. Buy a pair for your children to keep their feet happy and healthy!

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