Everyday Comfort With Flip Flops for Women

Everyday Comfort With Flip Flops for Women

They say that a diamond is a girl's best friend but in today’s world, a pair of flip flops are a girl's best friend. They offer the perfect amount of comfort, get you through the day with ease, and are always there for you! Flip flops are undoubtedly a must-have in every woman’s footwear collection and rightfully so. The unmatched comfort and effortless style offered by flip flops are simply out of this world. More so, flip flops are so versatile that they can be teamed with any outfit and it instantly completes the look.

Paragon brings you the best women’s flip flops that don’t just help you make a stunning style statement but also give your feet the luxury of all-day comfort.


Every girl grows up falling in love with pink and rightfully so. The color is the perfect embodiment of feminine grace. These casual flip flops for women come in the most elegant tone of pink and are rendered in a super casual fit for everyday comfort. Made from high-quality EVA, these women’s flip flops are comfortable and stylish. The printed sole with branding is soft, ensuring that your feet get much-needed ease with each step. The sturdy V Straps are transparent and add a dose of style to your entire look. 

The casual flip flops can be sported in the comfort of your home or can be used to complement your western outfits for a classic style. 


Violet is a royal color and back in the day no one but royalty was allowed to flaunt this color. The vivid flip flops have an elegant appeal that is hard to miss. Though constructed with utmost simplicity, these flip flops are a brilliant addition to your footwear collection, especially if you value comfort and style. Made from PVC and PU materials, these flip flops are flexible, comfortable, and stylish. The flat sole is complemented with durable V-Straps that look delicate but are in fact pretty sturdy. 

The pair makes for a simple yet effective style staple that can enhance your look almost instantaneously and with very little effort. Try these with your casual outfits for a rather stylish look.


White is a universally loved color and because of its versatile nature, is a hot choice among women who love investing smartly. These white flip flops for women are the perfect cross-over between comfort and style. The platform style soles are complemented with white V-Straps that also feature a knot detail. The toe separator is attached to the V-Strap and makes for a great detail that will leave onlookers amazed. Overall, this pair is the perfect amalgamation of everyday comfort and noteworthy style, a combination that is true value for money. 


Give your feet the undeniable dose of color and the unmatched comfort of Paragon in a pair that is hard to miss. These multicolored flip flops for women come enriched with a dose of color and motifs that catch the eye almost instantly. Made from resin and PU and rendered in a modern fashion, these flip flops are a style staple that can effortlessly stylize your look while also keeping you supremely stylish. The comfortable sole, sturdy straps, and fine details make the pair worth investing in.


For women who prefer comfort over everything else, here’s a colorful pair that will redefine everyday comfort and give you a much needed dose of style. The super comfortable orange flip flops for women are rendered in a classic style to give your feet the unmatched comfort of Paragon. The dual advantage of style and durability come with it to make for an everyday staple that is value for money. 

The flip flops are ideal for everyday use and come with the promise of supreme comfort. Shop the latest women’s flip flops here at ​​https://www.paragonfootwear.com/women/category/slipper-flipflops.html and embrace everyday comfort like never before.

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