Formal Shoes: Dress to Impress For Interviews

Formal Shoes: Dress to Impress For Interviews

Good appearance has always been an unspoken rule for any formal event. Though you leave the house thinking that your words will be enough to amaze the crowd, your outfit choice articulates a whole different story. Shoes are one of the most important elements when it comes to dressing up well. 

Good shoes instantly confirm your place in everyone's good books. You always have to keep your fashion game on point, whether it is a party, a wedding, a formal event, or an interview. To speak the truth, especially in an interview. 

Interviews are already nerve-wracking, with having to worry about what to wear can be even more exhausting. With practice interview questions circling in your mind, dressing up can be easily neglected.  

It is quite clear that an interview demands a formal two-piece suit, but what about the shoes? Undoubtedly they would have to be mens formal shoes but what would suit you the best? Luckily, by the end of this blog, you will know exactly what to wear!


Find Your Type of Formal Shoes

Who would have thought that men's formal shoes had a wide variety, with a distinct look in each style? 

Let's begin with the types of formal shoes for men that work like magic at interviews so that you are clear with what you want for yourself and leave the shoe seller impressed!

  • Oxfords

The first under men's formal shoes stand the Oxfords. Oxfords are simple leather shoes adorned with a closed lace construction. They have a low heel and are a must-have for every men's wardrobe. 

Oxfords are manufactured for the sole purpose of screaming professional and becoming the no. 1 choice for formal shoes. The shoelace eyelets are sewn under the vamp to give a luxurious look to the shoe. 

One look at your Oxfords and every individual on the panel would be mesmerized. If you are a simple, sophisticated man, who wants no-nonsense, Oxfords are for you.

  • Derbys

Derbys is the less formal brother of Oxfords yet never fails to shine through interviews. It is considered the second-best choice in men's formal shoes for its open lacing system and royal but sophisticated look. 

Always go for plain Derbys instead of brogued to avoid dressy vibes to your outfit. If you are an easy-going man, who likes to experiment, Derbys is the way to go. Dark-colored Derbys are a decisive win. 


  • Monk straps

Monk Straps are a two-in-one deal and look tremendous with formal suits and casual chinos. Leather Monk Straps have loose straps with closed toes that are irresistible and look oh-so-good on monochromatic suits. 

If you have a versatile personality with the ability to blend magnificently in all situations, then Monk Straps is your formal shoe buddy for sure.


Say NO to these formal shoe fumbles

Along with the do's of a perfect interview outfit, there are certain don'ts too, which could ruin your outfit entirely. If you are aiming to ace your interview outfit, do not indulge in the following mistakes:

  • No fancy socks with classy men's formal shoes

  • Light shade formal shoes grab a lot of unnecessary attention

  • Loafers, sneakers, and suede shoes are off-limits

  • Avoid brogues for their decorative style

With clarity regarding your interview outfit and formal shoes, you are all set to make a fantastic first impression. All of these formal shoes are not only bound to an interview but can also be styled with various professional or work outfits. 

Paragonfootwear offers a stunning collection of formal shoes for men, with great styles to die for. Treat your feet and your closet with the perfect pair of formal shoes today!

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