Get Supercharged with Athletic Sports Shoes For Men

Get Supercharged with Athletic Sports Shoes For Men

Set new records in every power-packed game with the help of high-performance athletic sports shoes for men from Paragon. Stimulus men’s shoes are fitted with innovative EVA material that let you move faster, swifter and better. Paragon understands the needs of every kind of athlete and hence has come up with sports shoes that not only look stylish but also incorporate this super material EVA for enhanced performance. Here is a curated list of the best EVA sports shoes that are a must-buy. 

Flexible EVA Sports Shoes

Stimulus sports shoes from Paragon in a combination of black, white and red are perfect for working out in style. Built with EVA sole material, the men’s sports shoes provide maximum foot flexibility when you have to make a stellar goal in a game of football or change directions in a round of basketball. 

The sports shoes for men do not restrict your foot movement and bends in accordance with the motion of your feet. Shop for these high-performance sports shoes online only from Paragon footwear.

Insulative EVA Sports Shoes

A mix of maroon, black and white sports shoes for men is the best for high-energy level running in chilly mornings or late-night basketball sessions during the cold weather. The stylish men’s sports shoes have in-built EVA inner material to keep your feet nice and warm in wintry conditions. 

This is because the innovative EVA material possesses heat insulation properties, meaning that it does not conduct much heat and as a result keeps your feet warm.


Lightweight EVA Sports Shoes

Stimulus Men’s sports shoes in a smart combination of white, black and red give you more power in every performance as a result of its lightweight EVA sole material. EVA is much lighter than rubber and hence with every jump and lift of your feet, you are going to experience swifter moves and faster reaction times. 

 Also, the broad EVA soles of these sports shoes for men allow greater stability and an action-ready stance. Shop for sports shoes online and give a power-packed performance.

Cushiony EVA Sports Shoes



Stimulus sports shoes for men in a zesty colour combination of black, yellow and blue lets you get noticed of your quick and cool moves in the arena. The men’s sports shoes, made with EVA, are the ultimate comfort material for your athletic feet.  

The EVA inner material provides enough cushioning support at every impactful landing, rough runnings and high-performance kicks.

Water-Resistant EVA Sports Shoes

Black and red Stimulus shoes in super sporty designs are made for high-level athletic foot motions in any type of weather. The soles, being made of EVA material, have high durability and great water resistance in rainy environments. 

Its moisture-proof sole allows you to jog on wet roads or play on rain-soaked basketball courts without getting your feet icky and damp. The durable soles also last longer than an average pair of sports shoes. Shop for sports shoes online now!

 We at Paragon highly value your health and safety and hence, have undertaken stringent precautionary measures at our manufacturing, warehousing and distribution facilities to ensure that every online purchase of men’s sports shoes and other kinds of footwear are #SafeToTouch by you and your family.

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