How to Become a Successful Leader at Work?

How to Become a Successful Leader at Work?

Most of us believe that to be a leader, we need to have a job title and the power to do so. But, great leadership qualities don’t require a managerial job title or description; it is all about the commitment to create an optimistic environment for others and yourself. Do you want to be a successful leader in your organization? Do you want to be an inspiration to others? Here are few core qualities to possess to inevitably position yourself as a leader: 

1.       Taking responsibility at work

Get out of your comfort zone and push yourself towards taking responsibilities. Such situations may be difficult to face at times, but, it will help you to grow personally and professionally. Take responsibilities of projects, it doesn’t matter if you fail or succeed in the project, it is important to learn from your mistakes. Be proactive and take initiative in completing job tasks before someone requires you to do it. 

2.       Be open to criticism

Feedback is normally received by professionals who are more experienced. It is important to be open to feedback. Seniors and experienced professionals give feedback to improve your skills and talents. Providing continual feedback helps in your betterment and shapes you in being a better leader. Without a constant feedback, you will be at a stable position with no or minimal growth. 

3.       Support and recognise your colleagues

Only a great facilitator can be a successful leader. Encourage and boost your staff to voice out their opinions and ideas. Reward and recognise them for their progress, appreciate and drive them to become better. It is very important to recognise your staffs for their efforts and arduous work, else they feel demotivated. If you have been complimented for a particular project, make sure to mention the contribution of your subordinates. True leaders always recognise and acknowledge their team’s work. 

4.       Never stop learning

Have the passion, zeal and desire to learn and absorb the current and latest information. Do not hesitate to seek for assistance, don’t judge situations or make any conventions. Find areas where you can learn, as every individual has a different view and different level of knowledge compared to the others. It is absolutely alright to ask and gain knowledge. 

5.       Being fair and just

As a successful and inspiring leader, it is important for you to inspire your colleagues with excellence, trust and loyalty. You need to follow the same rules of responsibility as you would like others to lead. Make sure to lead your team by example and with right intentions. Instead of judging others, make sure to focus on your own behaviour. 

6.       Social networking

It is important to know your colleagues, not only at their professional level but also at their personal level. Connect to everyone, get comfortable and make others comfortable. Share your personal suggestions if required and be open to other colleagues’ suggestions too. It will help in a stronger and a better team. 

7.       Be consistent

It is vital for a true leader to be reliable and receptive. If you promise to deliver something, make sure it is delivered on time. Remain focused, determined and do not let your emotional part take over you. Do not play blame games. Instead, collect facts and act accordingly. Make decisions which are genuine with no hidden outlines or plans, and which suits best for the interest of the clients and other colleagues. 

8.       Build good relationship with your seniors

Observe everything that they do which makes them amazing leaders. Engage with every colleague in your organization but find an effective leader who would mentor you over a project. Create opportunities to work and learn from them, it could be their technical skills, managerial skills or the ample knowledge they have.

Give as much as you can to your organization and colleagues like plans, ideas, and knowledge. And, more would come back to you! It takes many core qualities to be a leader at workplace. And, it is absolutely alright to take the risk and learn from your mistakes. 

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