How To Style Your Sneakers To Look Classy

How To Style Your Sneakers To Look Classy

Sneakers have evolved from a gym commodity to a casual essential every man must absolutely own in this day and age. Coming to think of it, the appeal of a pair of casual shoes is unmatched. They can make one look effortlessly dapper while maintaining a balance of comfort and style. If you are looking to buy a pair of these stylish casual shoes for men or already own a pair or two, here’s how you can style them to look downright classy. 




The best way to sport your sneakers is in their most basic form, with casuals that spell comfort and ease. Whether you call these casual shoes for men sneakers, low chucks, canvas, or by any other name, they are your safest bet to make a simple yet significant classy casual statement.


The basic sneaker is a very versatile piece but is best paired with certain styles specifically safe styles like the good ‘ol jeans and shirt combo. While there is no hard and fast rule, one can experiment and figure out what works best when it comes to styling basics with sneakers for men.


Pair With: A pair of denim of your preferred shade. Team it up with a classy plain shirt.  



Young men love experimenting with their style statement and sneakers let them do just that with their versatile appeal. Moving beyond the boundaries of safe casual shirts, one can team their casual shoes in a slightly non-conventional fashion - with a blazer. As ludicrous as the idea may seem, sneakers make for an excellent addition when looking to spice up a classy style quo. 


Pair With: A pair of denim, a T-Shirt, and a  Blazer for a rather modern classy look. 




Red carpet ready but looking to ditch those formal shoes for a fresh fashion statement? Teaming up your suit with a pair of stylish sneakers is just what you need to do in order to amp up



  1. Comfort first, always - pick shoes that promise comfort in addition to style. You can choose comfortable yet trendy casual shoes for daily use here
  2. Choose classics over fads - overly trendy shoes may become outdated in a season, but classics like these white shoes from our Stimulus range will last you long
  3. Versatility goes a long way: Pick sneakers that can compliment multiple outfits. Black, white and neutral colors are a safe bet
  4. Keep them sparkling - Maintaining your sneakers will not only give you the confidence to flaunt them but will also leave a long-lasting impression



  1. Classic White Sneakers for Me

A simple classic pair of white casual shoes for men go a long way. Downright stylish and versatile in a way that they complement almost any outfit you pair them with. 


    2. Stylish Casual Shoes 

A color that never goes out of style and adds instant class to any attire - black is the color of fashion lovers and a true testament of style in the modern era. 


    3. Casual Shoes for Daily Use 

A neutral color makes for a great addition to your shoe closet when looking to amp up your outfit with color while keeping it classy. 


Sneakers are a trend that will remain a classic for the years to come. Investing in a good pair can give your style statement a much-needed uplift. Buying new sneakers doesn’t have to mean burning a hole in your wallet. Choose from the latest sneakers for men from Paragon’s Stimulus range and be prepared to be amazed at the number of styles at pocket-friendly prices. Choose from a wide range of colors and types of casual shoes for men, designed to offer the best of comfort and style to the Indian man of today.

Shop the latest casual shoes for men from our latest range and get ready to amp up your style game like never before. Visit to shop from the comfort of your home. 

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