Our shoes have been through it all with us, from those long work calls, the chores we do, the workouts we try to complete, to even the time we spend with family and friends. Our shoes age too, and need to be replaced with shoes that fit our every need. It then becomes important to invest in durable and a stylish pair of comfort shoes.

 How to choose the right footwear

  1. Look for quality
  2. Look for durability
  3. Look for style
  4. Look for colors

 While we understand that looking for all these features in a single pair of footwear can be a tedious task, we have curated a list of the best style investments you can make this season. Choose from our range of Women’s Footwear and pick the right shoes to add to your Footwear Collection.


The Blue-Tan Casual Sandals

This stylish pair of sandals for women are the perfect choice for day-to-day activities. The comfortable soles leave your feet feeling plush and comfortable while the T-Straps secure your feet and enable you to go about your daily activities with maximum ease. Shop the blue-tan sandals for women and  add a splash to your Footwear collection.

The Black Slip-on Shoes

A classic pair of Womens Footwear perfect for those formal occasions, the black shoes from Paragon Solea Plus are a sleek, lightweight and durable addition to your shoe collection. These slip-on shoes with their comfortable sole and thoughtful details are the epitome of convenience, and quintessential for the woman on the go.


 The Tan Sandals

Among a wide range of our Online Footwear Collection, are these Tan Solea Plus Sandals. With a soft and lightweight sole, your feet will appreciate these versatile Womens Footwear designed to keep your feet comfortable and stylish. The straps on the front are designed with thoughtful details whereas the ankle straps enable unmatched comfort all day long. It’s modish, stylish, modeled to be durable and certainly a sensible style investment for the long run.


The Stimulus Pink Lace-up Shoes

A snug pair of pink lace-up shoes from Paragon Stimulus, are the perfect addition to your Footwear Collection. The style, and comfort of these shoes are created keeping in mind those long days. The ideal shoes for outdoor activities and casual use, these shoes are  among the wide range of shoes and sandals available at Paragon.

Head over to to explore more Womens footwear collection. We follow strict safety guidelines in our manufacturing units and all other facilities keeping your safety in mind. Each product is #SafeToTouch and can be ordered from the comfort of your home.



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