Keep Your Formal Shoes Look Their Best for Long

Keep Your Formal Shoes Look Their Best for Long

Good looking formal shoes add value to our professionalism at work; but buying a nice pair of shoes is only the beginning! They need proper care and maintenance to keep looking new and attractive for long. Take a look at how you can keep your shoes looking their best for long: 

        1. Use good quality shoe polish

It may be tempting to buy the cheaper of the shoe polishes in the store, but understand, what you put on your shoes determines their life time. Invest in a good quality shoe polish and keep your shoes sparkling always!  

        2. Polish your shoes often

Before you start using any new shoes, give them a good polish. Preferably, use a shoe polish that has a blend of mink oil and Shea butter. This gives the perfect combination of polishing and conditioning to the shoes. Also, make sure to polish your shoes every time you put them on. If it is not possible to polish them every time, at least rub them well with a brush before you head out into pollution, sun or rain.  

        3. Dry your wet shoes correctly

If you are out and it starts raining suddenly, you can save your shoes from damage by drying them as soon as you reach home. Use some waste newspaper and stuff it in your shoes tightly. This will help soak up maximum moisture. Once you have stuffed your shoes, place them in a ventilated area such as a window sill till they are fully dry.

It is a natural tendency to dry the shoes with a hair dryer or placing them near a heater. Do NOT do this as it will damage the leather and may also cause it to become brittle. 

         4. Use natural hair brush

As much as possible, do not use sponges on your shoes. While they may claim to be safe, some might cause damage in the long run and you wouldn’t want to take the risk! Always go for natural hair brush and a good shoe polish. 

         5. Make your shoes look rustic

If you want to give a slightly matured look to your brown shoes without investing too much, use black shoe polish on them. It is absolutely safe to do so! The black polish will not cause any damage to your shoes; it will only make them look a little darker and rustic. 

         6. Add a sole to increase the life of your shoe

If you are buying expensive leather shoes and would like them to stay for as long as possible, consider getting a rubber sole placed on the bottom of the shoe through a cobbler. Make sure you get it done from a reputed cobbler who will not spoil the look of the shoe! The rubber sole will protect your leather soles from damage. Also, after a few months of using the shoes, it is easier to replace the worn out rubber soles than the leather.

Now that you know how to take care of your shoes with a few easy measures, follow them and flaunt your “new-looking” shoes every day to work!

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