Men's slippers that are a steal under 500

Men's slippers that are a steal under 500

Slippers are essential, it readily provides comfort, warmth, and convenience that your feet require. After a long day of work, nothing beats the feeling of slipping into your favourite pair of slippers. However, selecting the right pair of slippers can sometimes be a bit tricky. At Paragon we’ve simplified this by putting together a comprehensive list to assist you in purchasing the best pair of slippers for men, that’s pocket-friendly & comfortable. Here are some of the key features our slippers have:


  • The right fit - slippers from Paragon are made using premium quality material and hence offer a perfect fit for you. They ensure that your feet fit snuggly and cosy through the day
  • Made of high-quality material - Slippers are all about the feel, hence the material used to make your slippers becomes important too. Slippers at Paragon are made from high-quality material and it ensures your feet get the comfort it requires
  • Offers a high level of comfort - Paragon strikes the perfect balance with comfort & durability when it comes to footwear. The slippers for men from Paragon ensure optimum traction & comfort to go about your day  
  • Style statement - Keeping in mind the latest trends, every slipper is uniquely crafted to look good & feel good
  • Affordable - Ticking all the right boxes for slippers from Paragon is not only comfortable, stylish & durable but affordable too, thus, making it an ultimate must-have for men!


Here are some of our favourite slippers for men: 


Sleek Vertex Slippers

Make an exquisite style statement by wearing this pair of black slippers from Paragon. It features high-quality PU soles that promise maximum relaxation and offers a firm grip. While the resin outer material ensures you look and feel stylish throughout your day. Slip-on this classic slippers and rock a relaxed look. 


Stylish Paralite Slippers 

Look dapper with this pair of classy black slippers from the Paralite series. The superior quality EVA outer-material & EVA soles ensure both comfort and style. A great choice for casual occasions, slippers for men is a must-have this season.

Sophisticated Paralite Slippers

Include playful designs into your everyday footwear collection with these tan slippers from Paragon. Accented with an abstract patterned EVA outer material it boosts a contemporary look, while the EVA soles ensure optimum & traction to go about your day with ease. 


Comfortable Paralite Slippers

Look like a trendsetter with this pair of black slippers from Paragon. This pair strikes the perfect balance between comfort & style with EVA soles & outer material. This pair offers a relaxed & comfortable look while providing traction with every step.


Uber-cool Paralite Slipper

Scoring high on the aspect of both style and comfort, this pair of black slippers from the Paralite collection will certainly ensure you walk comfortably throughout the day. This pair features EVA soles & outer-material that offers a snug-fit, comfort & traction on most surfaces. Get your hands on this pair and sport a stylish look!

Like what you see? Shop high quality, comfortable, affordable, and durable slippers for men from We follow stringent safety guidelines at our manufacturing units, warehouses, and delivery units to ensure the safety of our customers and staff so that all our products are #SafeToTouch.

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