One Style For Every Day of the Week

One Style For Every Day of the Week

Expressing yourself through your style and your clothes is a very fun thing! All of us have a unique style of our own and most of the time, this is shown through our outfit. So, why not do that with your footwear, too? After all, it is actually the footwear that completes your look. In this week’s blog, we are going to tell you the 7 different styles of footwear that you can sport on each day of the week and look dashing at every moment! Read on to look your best, day-in and day-out!

Formal Shoes for Monday Blues
Having a pair of sturdy and comfortable formal shoes in your closet is a necessity. A classic pair of black formal shoes are a must-have in any man’s wardrobe. Pair it up with a crisp white shirt and black trousers, and you are all set to face whatever Monday has in store for you.
Alternatively, you can also pick up a pair of brown formal shoes which can be paired with most pastel-coloured shirts. You can pick one of these formal shoes for men online, too.

2) Tan Shoes For A Tuesday
A lot of men shy away from wearing Tan shoes. But, if you wear them the right way, then there is nothing that is as trendy as a pair of tan-coloured shoes. From the perfect office look to a dressy suited up look, you can create any kind of look with tan shoes.
Pair it up with well-fitting denim trousers and watch all the eyes on you the whole day!

3) Leather Wonders for a Wednesday
Leather does do wonders for everyone! For a perfect midweek look, go for dark-coloured trousers and match them with formal leather shoes.
Check out a whole new range of formal leather shoes online and pick up new styles that you can try.

4) Lounge with Loafers on a Thursday
A versatile option in the footwear world, loafers can be a man’s best friend because you can dress up or dress down with them. So, if you want to dress down, pair them up with chinos in your fav colour. And if you want to dress up, then wear loafers with a good pair of formal trousers.

5) Flip Flops For A Fun Friday
What better way to welcome the weekend fun than with a pair of cool flip flops? Since it is ‘almost’ the end of the week, sport a casual tee or a casual button-down shirt with flip flops!

6) Sneakers For Saturday
A staple in every trend setter’s wardrobe, sneakers are taking the fashion world by storm! These shoes can be worn with T-shirts or casual shirts and will keep you comfortable while you are dancing away on a Saturday night!

7) Sunny Sandals For A Sunday!
For a relaxed day at a cafe, go for a pair of trendy-looking sandals. These go well with shorts, jeans, trousers, joggers, and even cropped trousers!

So, go on! Make every single day fabulous with these range of options. And if you are confused about picking the right kind of footwear, then check out Paragon Max. Their latest range of footwear for men and women will take your breath away.

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