Shoe hacks that every man should know

Shoe hacks that every man should know

Fashion is that one thing that keeps changing, and with newer designers, trends being ever-present, it’s always beneficial to know certain tricks of the trade. Here is a guide that will answer all footwear related fashion queries that you, and a few hacks that will certainly help the man on the move:

  1. Smelly Shoes? We got you covered:

Shoes smell for numerous reasons, but sometimes it can get embarrassing to take off that footwear, especially in public. So, here is something that you could to ensure your shoes smell fresh throughout the day- Tea Bags. Green tea bags are known to leave a refreshing smell, and all you have do is place these tea bags inside your shoes for about 4-5 hours and the process needs to be repeated whenever required.

  1. Are slippery shoes troubling you?

Sometimes even the most good looking and comfortable pair of shoes might not have the perfect grip for your busy life. Try sandpaper! Sandpaper creates a rough texture on surfaces, by rubbing the soles of your shoes with sandpaper lightly, it will surely enhance the grip

  1. Dull shoes that need to be brightened? Try this

Daily washing supplies can brighten up the dull undertones of your footwear. All one needs to do is apply a little bit of easy or comfort detergent on a towel and gently wipe your shoe. Doing this regularly will ensure your shoes look polished as well as prevents chipping also.

  1. Tight shoes that need to be loosened?

We all have that one pair of shoes that we would just love to wear but, if we do blisters are guaranteed. We got a solution for that- the first one needs to walk in the shoes while wearing socks, right after that blow-dry the shoes for a while. This hack is known to loosen up those ill-fitted shoes

  1. Buy Paragon!

Paragon is the one-stop destination for comfortable, durable and high-quality shoes. With a wide range of selections, our shoes will surely please your taste. Made from premium material, our soles ensure comfort and grip, while the breathable outer material offers a stylish and sleek look and feel. Paragon, is the perfect hack for the man on the move, here are few of our best-sellers and new arrivals-

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