Simple Ways To Elevate Your Style Game

Have you ever looked at someone and thought about how dapper they look? We know that feeling. Dressing stylish isn’t rocket science. But, it sure needs a teeny bit of effort. So, if you want to amp up your style game, then you need to know some of these simple yet easy ways to upgrade your look this season.

Read on, and we’ll tell you how you can easily dress smart!


Bold and fun accessories will give you a new look in a jiffy. If you think that your outfit is too boring, then you can always amp it up a bit by adding a colourful or a bold accessory to it. The best thing about accessories is that anyone can wear these and they are absolutely cheap!

Watches, bangles, a statement necklace, armbands, sunglasses, and even socks can be used to add that extra oomph factor.

2) Footwear

If you ask us, then footwear is the biggest blessing for the fashion world! Your footwear can make or break your look, so make sure that you have the perfect shoes or chappals for all of your outfits.

If you are planning to go for a chic look, then women’s chappals or flats are your best bet. If you are dressing formal, then you need a pair of classy-looking pumps matching your outfit.

You can shop for ladies chappals and chappals for men online, too. Check out Paragon ’s latest collection of chappals for kids, men, and women, and you’ll be amazed at their wide collection!

3) Makeovers

Raid your wardrobe for those hidden gems you might have forgotten. A belt that you probably bought off a thrift store or a scarf that you have that is lying at the bottom. Why do we need these, you ask? Because these tiny little things can completely change your look within minutes. Add a belt to your dress to make it stand out, or dress up with a scarf to add some instant glam.

4) Mix & Match

When you are out shopping for clothes, keep in mind to buy stuff with which you can mix and match. Skirts, ethnic wear, shirts, blouses, ladies chappals, shoes, and the list goes on….all of these things can be mixed and matched with one another to give you an edgy and different look.

For example, you can pair up ankle-length cotton trousers or cigarette pants with T-shirts or a kurta. Add a casual paid or ladies chappal, and you have a very chic and casual look for the evening.

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