Sole Searching: A Comprehensive Guide to Men's Footwear

Sole Searching: A Comprehensive Guide to Men's Footwear

People have been trying to associate fashion with women for centuries. However, a closer look reveals that the tides have turned, and the idea is appealing to men as much as it is to women. The innovative mix of style and ease of wear has inspired many men to try new looks. Men are prepared to step up their style game in every way, from clothing to footwear to accessories.  

We are providing men with an extensive range of footwears that help them upgrade their style quotient. Here is a comprehensive guidance that will help men understand the selection of our footwear.

  • Consider the event  Perfect footwear for every event 
  • Having a wide variety of footwear for various events is a great way to see what works best for you regarding comfort and appearance. For a night out on the town with a special someone, a pair of formal footwear and a crisp white shirt is a great choice. 

    However, if you're planning on hitting the gym, a good pair of athletic shoes is all you'll need. We even have a great collection of mens slippers  that can be a good option for comfortable waking. 

  • The footwear needs to be comfortable
  • These days, practicality is often sacrificed for fashionable footwear. Look further than the trend for shoes you'll wear daily. You can find with us a pair of shoes that fits like a glove and provides the same level of comfort as bare feet by focusing on durability and fit.

    The men's shoe's midsole also plays a crucial role in the shoe's overall comfort. Always put health and fitness ahead of style. If your feet hurt, it will show in your appearance. The cork midsole in our shoes provides arch support and is comfortable to wear all day. You can also try out lightweight flipflops for men.

  • Think carefully about sizing
  • It is essential to know the right footwear size for you. This is one of the main causes of purchasing ones that are too tight and cause discomfort. In any case, it will affect how you walk, the comfort you feel while wearing the shoes, and the durability of the shoes. One obvious piece of advice is to determine your shoe size beforehand. 

    Once you've determined your footwear size, you can begin your search. Your footwear should feel like a second skin when you try them on. They should not cause any distress. It would be best if you walked around the store in the shoes you're considering buying to ensure the fit and size are correct. If the two are identical, then you can proceed. 

  • Say yes to experimenting
  • You need to go out and try new things to know what flatters you most. For this reason, exploring various footwear options is a good idea. Check out our latest offerings in the world of footwear. Explore alternative, fashionable, and wearable footwear options like mens sandals. Test them out. Mix and match them with various garments. After you've tried on as many as possible and seeing which ones you like best, you can make a purchase. 

  • Shoes with a lightweight are a great option
  • Walking in complicated, heavy footwear is inconvenient but also tiring and unpleasant because of the inferior quality of the materials used. Due to its stiffness or rigidity, some footwear may also hinder your natural motion. That's why while  designing our footwear, we consider the weight and how much cork and rubber to be used to provide our customers with great comfort.


    No one ever said a man couldn't have a good time picking out his footwear. Applying these suggestions will quickly show how enjoyable the fashion world can be. Recently, we have also launched a range of sliders for men with an anti-skid sole that helps men to walk comfortably. Paragon guarantees that the efforts you make in making the choice will be well worth it.

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