Sporty footwear must-haves for men

Sporty footwear must-haves for men

When you are on the move, it’s vital to make the right choices, both life and shoe choices count. As an active lifestyle seeker, you might be at the gym quiet often or out on the field and also going about your day doing various other activities. Taking care of your feet becomes an absolute mandate given what an important role they play in keeping you going about your day.

Curated below is a list of 7 sporty must-haves that will be a great addition to the shoe closet of the sporty man.

The Sporty Essentials

                          Men's Grey-Sea Green Sneaker Shoe

Topping the list is a classic that fits all bills, the original sport shoes that make a great statement. Rendering maximum comfort and style, the Paragon Stimulus shoes come in a classic shade of grey with sea green detailing on the body, extending the extra oomph to the sports shoes. Sport them on a jaunt to the gym or your next hike and be surprised.

Keep it Casually Sporty

                                            Men Blue Casual Shoe

Make a sporty style statement in the Paragon Stimulus powered with hues of blue. The casual shoes are durable, stylish and above all, they feature foot-simulating insoles that are beneficial for your feet. When off the field or gym, these shoes are the sporty man’s pick to pair with a casual or a semi-casual look.

Mean business in Style

                                        Men's Black Sneakers


Step up your style game with these minimal lace-ups. Ideal for a day out when you want to keep it casual yet dapper, these shoes from Paragon are a perfect pick. The denim like finish with the tan detailing adds layers of depth to the overall design making it look aesthetic.

Keep it Classy

                                        Men Brown Casual Shoe

Pair your semi-casuals with a pair of loafers to complete the look. Extremely functional, comfortable and stylish, these shoes extend additional comfort to the feet with their foot-stimulating insoles that are beneficial for the men who are always on the move.


                                         Men's White-Blue Sneakers

Catch on the latest white sneaker trend in style. Super stylish, extremely durable and highly comfortable, the white-blue sneakers from Paragon are a must-have in your sports wardrobe. If you do not enjoy the white trend, check out the same style in other colours.

Sportily Casual

                                   Men Blue - Yellow Casual Slipper


Give your feet some airy comfort after a strenuous day. Step into the casual slippers from Paragon to experience paramount comfort. The velcro strips around the ankles provide additional grip. This style is also available in an array of colors.

 Flip flop around

                                           Men's Blue Flip Flops

When you aren’t busy taking on the world, consider relaxing in these ultra comfortable flip-flops from Paragon. The soft and comfortable soles are complimented by a V strap in black that renders utmost comfort and style. These flip-flops are also available in Red.

 Like what you saw? Why not head to and explore all other sport shoes for men. You can buy these sports shoes online with just a click. Also included in the Paragon Stimulus range are semi-casual shoes for men, flipflops, semi-casuals and slippers for men.

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