Stylish Ethnic Sandals For Men That Go Best With Indian Dhotis

Stylish Ethnic Sandals For Men That Go Best With Indian Dhotis

With the festive and wedding season around the corner, your online shopping basket must already be brimming with ethnic clothing alternatives. Just like women, men also wish to look dapper and stylish at every wedding and festive occasion. 

The last festive season witnessed a tremendous surge in Dhoti Pants. From high-end celebrities to social media influencers, dhoti pants with a stylish kurta were the first choice amongst men for that perfect ethnic look. 

This trend will continue to remain this year, and you can never go wrong with this ethnic ensemble. Men’s ethnic sandals play an essential part when choosing to go with an ethnic outfit. These ethnic sandals carry the power to make your ethnic dhoti pants look more appealing and give a perfect edge to your overall appearance. 


Top styles in ethnic sandals for men

Choosing the right pair of footwear is very necessary to give your ethnic dhoti a contemporary look. Given below are some men's ethnic sandals to upgrade your look this festive season.


  • Bright handmade kolhapuri sandals         


Kolhapuri footwear has always remained the most preferred footwear option amongst Indian male. However, now is the time to give a stylish touch to your regular Kolhapuri sandals. To look stylish in an ethnic dhoti and kurta, you can opt for handmade Kolhapuri sandals. 

These handmade sandals come in vibrant shades of blues, yellows, and turquoise that can spice up your entire ethnic look.


  • Strappy Leather Flat sandals


This next option is ideal for those trying to seek something even more contemporary. Leather sandals are timeless and sophisticated. A nice pair of black flats is a must-have for a men's closet. These flats are simple to wear, flexible, and highly comfortable. 

Also, you can perfectly carry these sandals with almost every ethnic dress. From dhotis to kurtas to sherwani, these sandals are a top pick to give your overall look a modern edge.


  • Crisscross leather sandals


Since they include an ankle strap, such sandals are more traditional slip-on footwear. These sandals can be ideal if you wish for a more sophisticated look for your work gatherings or any other event. 


  • Minimal Leather Sandals


If you are looking for a very affordable and trendy pair of sandals, the mule sandals can be the ideal choice for you. Mules are by far the most overlooked men's footwear

Apart from a dhoti, you can also pair these sandals with classical kurtas, shirts, and sometimes even contemporary pants or shorts. To get that perfect look, you can try pairing color-coordinated ethnic wear with these sandals.


  • Closed Toe Sandals


The closed-toe pattern is another up-and-coming model in the world of modern sandals. Due to its fresh and trendy looks, the closed-toe sandal design is hard to find and is always in very high demand amongst men. 

These pairs of ethnic sandals are perfect for your ethnic wardrobe to rock all your wedding and festive events.


  • Modern Kolhapuri sandals


This kolhapuri footwear is ideal for everyone who prefers a combination of western and traditional fashion. While these sandals are not strictly Kolhapuris, they take inspiration from Kolhapuri footwear. These sandals are popular amongst men who fancy a perfect combination of modern and trendy styles.

 If you wish to look like a perfect gentleman, this is among the best ethnic sandals for men you can choose. Loafers go with almost everything, from casual to formal clothes. Hence, you can forever achieve that crisp and well-groomed look by pairing these sandals with your favorite dhoti-kurta. 

If you are looking for men’s ethnic sandals online to match your Dhoti pants, ParagonFootwear is the ideal choice for you. We have a wide range of formal and ethnic footwear sure to give your outfit that perfect look.

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