The Paragon Casual Shoe Collection For Kids

The Paragon Casual Shoe Collection For Kids

Looking for kids' casual shoes but not finding the perfect ones? With Paragon, you're covered. Following its popularity in 1982, Paragon eventually expanded to other states in India. The brand is widely known across the Indian subcontinent due to its extensive reach as a long history of quality and durability. You can always head over to the paragon store or explore their collection of the best kids casual shoes online.

What makes Paragon kids shoes the best?


  • Availability

Kids Stimulus White Casual shoes

Its distribution network consists of 17 warehouses across India. Retail shops are served by over 500 distributors and deliver products to every region within a short time frame. The warehouse is supplied by over 500 over-the-counter retailers who deliver products to almost everywhere in the country at the earliest opportunity. And that's why you can always purchase kids' casual shoes, such as Kids Stimulus White Casual Shoes, online as well as at the store in every size and style.


  • Quality is never compromised

Kids' Pink P-Toes Casual Shoes

Testing is done during each stage of production of all products. The company has built a reputation of goodwill among its customers through its rigorous quality control. The kids' casual shoes are designed for ultimate grip and comfort and are quite possibly the best you will ever find.


  • Their durability is excellent

Kids Brown Fookids Casual Shoes

The brand has developed a huge customer base as a result of ensuring durability. Paragon's manufacturing process, which incorporates the use of both synthetic materials and picked natural rubbers, has created the most durable kid's shoes available in the Indian market, just like these Brown Fookids Casual Shoes.


  • A wide range of choices

Kids' Navy Blue Fookids Casual Shoes

As part of Paragon's commitment to keeping up with the evolving market, their footwear design team works at the company. Paragon offers a range of casual shoes as well as school shoes for children. The range of styles and sizes of school shoes, sandals, and slippers available to you is vast and exhaustive. Moreover, the firm does its best to make sure that the size requested by you is delivered.


  • Cost-effective

Kids P-Toes Red Casual Shoes
Paragon's latest kids shoes provide excellent value for money. These shoes, especially the P-Toes Red Casual Shoes,  are designed to withstand the childlike spirit freeing you from any concerns about quality and price. Hence, if you are looking for casual shoes for your child that won't break the bank, Paragon is your best option.

  • Reduce health hazards

Kids P-Toes Green Flip-Flops

Several measures have been taken by the company to achieve this like virgin polymers such as PVC, EVA and PU are used in the soles to reduce health issues, this is something that your child needs. Moreover, this company not only produces biodegradable footwear but also uses recycled paper in its packaging to reduce environmental impact. 

The trusted Indian footwear brand Paragon appeals to millions of consumers whether they are kids or adults, with the promise of reliable footwear. You can discover every kind of kids' shoe, whether for girls or boys at Paragon. The unmatched standard of style and comfort of its product is guaranteed by its premium construction. So, find the best style for your child and make sure your child is confident in where he or she walks.

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