This Monsoon, put your best foot forward in flip-flops

This Monsoon, put your best foot forward in flip-flops

It's no secret that we enjoy the rain, even if you don’t. Something about nature is enticing- with all that lush greenery and the sweet aroma of petrichor filling the air. Now, let's talk about one of the confusing aspects of monsoon season - footwear! What do you wear?

The rainy season is never kind to our shoes, either because the material deteriorates or there is mud from the puddle that sticks to it,  and that is one task to eliminate. Consequently, when monsoon season is right around the corner, we all start looking for shoes that can handle the rain without halting all its benefits. Well, here is what we think can be the best use. 

Adding a flip flop chappal to your shoe rack during the monsoon is a fit! Paragon is here to help you with its latest collection of Men Flip FlopsFor monsoon, you should strive to wear items that are easy to remove, easy to dry, and easy to wear

Flip-flops are convenient and easy to wear, not to mention quick to dry. Our flip-flops collection is made out of rubber or PVC material, perfect for anyone looking to improve their monsoon style instantly. You'll also find that they dry quickly, which is great, especially if you step into a puddle.

Types of flip flops that can come in handy during monsoon:

Men's Paragon Max Brown Flip-Flops

  • Rubber Flip-flops

The versatility of rubber flip-flops is attributed to their elasticity and anti-slip properties, making them ideal for use on and off the water.


  • Flip-flops from the foam

They are very comfortable to wear, making them ideal for an informal family walk. The foam flip-flops are slightly softer than the rubber, but they differ in no other way. 


  •  Plastic flip-flops

The strongest of all the flip-flops is the plastic variety. Plastic Flip-flops have various sizes, shapes, and designs because the material is easily moulded. Except for print, the design is longer on plastic compared to foam or rubber.


Best reasons to wear flip flops during monsoon-Let’s have a look!

Men's Paralite Black Casual Slippers

  • Flip-flops are water-friendly and dry easily.

Our market and online store have a variety of colourful rubber flip flops. A casual day out is the perfect place to wear these. The flip-flop is great footwear during the rainy season since it comfortably helps you navigate a muddy path.


  • Wet socks and shoes are not a problem.  

In addition to getting wet, wearing regular shoes means wearing socks and shoes all day long. Foot problems like this are bad for your feet, and flip-flops can help dry your feet and shoes. Despite having wet feet, they will dry easier, and you can take them off to let them dry.  


  • A pair of flip flops look great with almost anything.

It is easy to wear flip-flops with just about anything, which allows you to wear them with a wide variety of monsoon outfits. You may need a few pairs of flip-flops that you can switch, but even just one pair that matches your monsoon attire would be ideal. 


To summarise, there are various styles, sizes, and materials of flip flop slippers for men. It is a unique type of footwear, but flip-flops are a staple in most of our closets. You will get the maximum comfort from rubber flip-flops and durability and persistence from foam flip-flops. You can shop from our wide range of men’s flip-flops online. 


Paragon flip-flops are the perfect choice for wearing in the monsoon, and they make a great addition to any casual outfit. During the monsoon rains, they will keep your feet healthy and comfortable so that you can enjoy your monsoon to the fullest. Keep your spirits high when it rains!

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