Tiny Toes, Trendy Styles: Kids' Slippers and Sandals

Tiny Toes, Trendy Styles: Kids' Slippers and Sandals

In the warmer months, kids' sandals and slippers come in very handy. It can be challenging for your child to find a sandal that is both age-appropriate and comfortable. Each type of sandal that children can choose from provides a different level of foot support. Here are some of the most important tips we are providing for selecting the best kind of kids footwear.

  • Consider the age
  • Under age two, it's best to stick with sandals with a closed toe. They require more supportive and stable footwear for this reason. In addition, closed-toe sandals provide more safety for your kids' feet than open-toe shoes. 

    Open sandals are preferable for well-behaved kids because they provide more room for movement and guarantee that air can freely circulate around the toes. When buying sandals for your kids, look for straps that provide more stability and support than usual. You can try our kids' chappals, and surely your kid will love them.

  • Width of the sandals
  • Another crucial aspect to consider is the sandals' width. Finding the ideal sandal width necessitates having an adjustable strap. No matter what kind of sandals you choose, keeping the width in mind when trying them on is crucial. Due to this, they will be the ideal size for you. 

  • Specifications and design
  • When buying a sandal with anti-skid sole features, consider its style and features. The perfect sandals or flip-flops for any occasion are available in many styles. The gender-neutral patterns and colours blend. Our sliders for kids come in various sizes. Their unique shape and traits set them apart. Pay attention to fit and design to make natural, comfortable sandals for kids. You should check out our lightweight kid's slippers, which make your kid's walk easy.

  • Materials used
  • Look for sandals and flip-flops made from pliable, kid-friendly materials whenever possible. Your kid should wear the most comfortable sandals you can find. Genuine calfskin leather shoes are the best option for everyday wear. The material should be breathable and stretchy, so your child can move around freely.

    Avoid brightly coloured synthetic sandals in favour of leather ones. These sandals don't allow air to circulate so they can cause swelling and unpleasant odours. Our flip flops for kids are safe and comfortable for your child. Look for features like a sturdy heel cap and non-slip material. The sandals you've chosen should allow your child complete freedom of movement and play.

  • Space for growth
  • Remember that children's feet expand rapidly, and buy sandals and flip-flops with room to spare. Have your kid stand up straight and tall while you measure their feet. Since the two feet are not identical in size, a measurement of each is required.

    When shopping for infants and toddlers younger than two years of age, be careful not to buy too big sandals. Too big sandals could slow a child's physical growth and development. 

    Pick sandals that have a growth space of no more than 1 cm. There should be about 1 to 1.5 centimetres of room for growth in closed sandals, but open sandals only need 1 centimetre.

  • Sandal maintenance
  • When selecting kids’ sandals, it is also important to consider how easy they are to clean and maintain. Cleaning the sandals is as simple as wiping them down with a damp towel to remove any surface dirt.

    You can use a beeswax spray on the leather to help preserve its flexibility and beauty, but shoe polish can do the same for the colour and sheen. 

    You can extend the life of your sandals' new look by polishing them with a basic liquid shoe polish in the same colour. If you want the tiny hairs on your suede to stand up straight again, you should also use a suede brush.


    Sandals and slippers are great summer shoe options for kids because they let their feet breathe while protecting them from the elements. A wide variety of children's summer sandals are available so that you can find the right pair for any event. Paragon has everything from leather sandals that resemble dress shoes to more flamboyant flip-flops. We provide a wide range of kids' footwear that makes your kids walk easily and comfortably.

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