Your Guide To Choosing The Best Running Shoes For Men

Your Guide To Choosing The Best Running Shoes For Men

Running shoes may seem like another pair of sneakers but they are designed to offer your feet the needed support for every run making them very specific to the purpose. Unlike sneakers, running shoes are equipped to support feet, prevent injuries and let you move forward with ease. Whether you decide to work out more often or go jogging every morning, finding the perfect pair of running shoes is the first task to take on. 


Choosing the right pair of running shoes may seem like a monumental task but with our expert guide to choosing the best, modern running shoes for men, you can conquer this feat for your feet like a pro. Curated here is a list of criteria to look out for when choosing the best running shoes along with our personal recommendations to help you get in shape this new year!


Choose Shoes that are Running-Specific 

Running shoes are different from your regular shoes, period. The usual shoes will not offer you the comfort needed to take on long runs the way a good pair of running shoes do. They are cushioned to give your feet the much-needed convenience to continue running and are designed to offer the support needed for a successful run. Choose lightweight shoes that are specifically designed for running in order to get the best of the investment you intend to make.


You can opt for a stylish pair without compromising on critical features like cushioning, shoe drop, and support. Explore our extensive range of modern and stylish running shoes for men here.

Consider Where You are Running


Where you choose to run is also a critical criterion when it comes to choosing your next pair of running shoes. Different terrains demand different kinds of shoes and picking the right kind is crucial. Ask yourself - Am I mostly hitting the road or am I going to hit the trails and gravel paths or am I going to stay on the treadmill for my run. Also consider the kind - ​​indoor, track, cross country, sprint, or distance running. Your choices will vary as per your need. You can then go ahead and choose a pair that ticks all your boxes.


Make Sure that the Shoe Fits 


As important as it is to buy the right size, the fit of the shoe is a dealbreaker when it comes to running shoes. Ill-fitting shoes especially when out on a run can cause a huge deal of discomfort and in some cases can trigger foot conditions. A secret tip to buy the perfect pair of running shoes is to go up half a size larger than the normal street shoe. This will avoid unnecessary swelling, redness, and discomfort.  



  • Try your running shoes on at the end of the day - Feet tend to swell while you run through the day. Trying them on at the end of the day will offer a more accurate fit. 


  • Leave a thumbs width in front of your toe - To accommodate foot spread, there should be roughly one thumb width between the end of your foot and the end of the shoe. This will keep your toes from hitting the end on downhill runs or if your feet swell.


  • Look out for pinching and sliding - The shoe should wrap comfortably around your foot. It should not pinch or feel sloppy, and your foot should be centered on the platform of the shoe. Over the course of a run, feet tend to swell in size and if the shoes are uncomfortable, the features will become worse with each step, causing unnecessary discomfort.



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