5 Best budget-friendly sports shoes you need to flaunt

5 Best budget-friendly sports shoes you need to flaunt

Sporty and super-cool shoes from Paragon lets you on a winning streak in all your adrenaline-filled sports activities. But not only are they ergonomically designed for ensuring maximum results, they are quite budget-friendly too. Paragon brings some of the finest and innovative materials together, producing men’s sports shoes that let you excel at every step. Check out these top 5 budget-friendly sports shoes that you need to flaunt.


A Powerful Performance In Black & Maroon

Mens Black Maroon Sports Shoes

Have fun in style with these power-packed performance men’s sports shoes from Paragon. Sporting these shoes let you amplify your speed, provide you great traction and synchronize with your natural foot movements. 

The black and maroon hue gives off a never-say-die vibe as you put your mind, body and soul into winning the game. The sports shoes for men are designed with innovative and superior materials like EVA for excellent foot flexibility, lightweight for quick movements and great shock absorbency upon every impact.


Adrenaline-Filled Day In White & Grey

Mens Stimulus Grey casual shoes

Upgrade your style on the arena with these smart and cool Stimulus grey sports shoes for men from Paragon at affordable prices. With powerful kicks, impressive ball control and amplified stamina in your run, get the crowds screaming for more of your power-packed performance. 

These uber-stylish men’s sports shoes come with high-quality fabric material to provide high-level comfort for your feet. It allows easy breathability, a snug fit and oh-so-desired softness, ensuring that you have a great game every day, all day long. Buy game-changing sports shoes online right now!    


Vibrant & Spunky In Neon Green 

Mens Grey Green Stimulus sports shoes

Buy super stylish neon green sports shoes online to kickstart a great game every day. Stimulus men’s sports shoes from Paragon assure high durability that keeps up with your energy levels in high-performance activities and utmost comfortability for a smooth finish in every challenge. Moreover, this pair is extremely budget-friendly, while at the same time maintaining high quality.

Easy maintenance of this heavy-use sportswear is now possible with the incorporation of superior outer materials like PVC that is water and oil resistant, making for a super-fast clean. Abrasion resistance is another one of PVC’s super qualities that ensure fewer damages and long-lasting use.


Cool Blue That Lets You Stay Ahead Of The Game

Mens Stimulus sea green sports shoes

Add a dash of style in your morning runs, heavy workouts and adventurous hikes with these cool blue stimulus sports shoes for men. Made with fabrics of the highest quality, this pair lets your feet feel free and snug at the same time, perfect for a power-packed performance. 

The EVA sole material, being flexible, allows for free and natural movement of your feet, while its lightweight properties don’t wear you down when you are aiming for high. Shop for these super strong, super-stylish, super sports shoes online only from Paragon! 


Lead The Game In Black & Orange

Mens Black orange stimulus sports shoes

Bring out the winner in you with these ultra-chic black plus orange mix men’s sports shoes. You can show off your powerful kicks in a game of football, set off a cheetah-like sprint when on a round of relay or jump high in the sky, ready for an impressive slam dunk. Buy these affordable yet stylish sports shoes online now!  

 We at Paragon value our dear customers in every way and so have implemented strict safety measures at our production units, warehouses and distribution facilities, ensuring that every mens’ sports shoes and other products of Paragon footwear are #SafeToTouch. 

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