Park play-time will be fun for your child in these durable casual shoes

Park play-time will be fun for your child in these durable casual shoes

Playtime should be the most fun and it can only be guaranteed when your child is wearing the right shoes on their feet. Maximum protection, ultimate comfort, prolonged use and lightweight are the required features of a good pair of shoes and hence, Paragon has come up with some of the most durable kids’ casual shoes for your little one’s feet. Here is a list of the top 5 casual shoes for kids that are a must-buy. 

Pink & Navy Blue Kids’ Casual Shoes

Let your child have fun to the fullest in these navy blue with pink, star motif casual shoes for kids. With high-quality PVC sole material, your little girl’s feet will always remain protected and safe when running on rocky ground as it is a ready shock absorber.

These kids’ casual shoes with the slip-on design can be worn in a jiffy and also taken off easily when playing barefoot on the sand which is so much fun. The outer material ensures a snug fit while the insoles provide great traction when running. Shop for kids' casual shoes online, and let your kid have maximum fun time!

Blue & Yellow Bright Casual Shoes For Kids


Let your little boy take his first baby steps in durable casual shoes that allow maximum protection, comfort and style. Light in weight, they provide for an easy walk, steady support and allow for the natural flexibility of foot motion. 

The colours and designs are also quite appealing to kids. Navy blue with bright yellow is the perfect contrasting colour combination, while the rabbit cartoon just looks too cute. Moreover, this fookids casual shoes from Paragon are reasonably priced considering the high-quality raw materials that are incorporated. 


Navy Blue & Pink Kids’ Casual Shoes

Another pink and navy blue stylish kids casual shoes are just what your baby princess would love to wear. In these P-toes kids’ casual shoes, let her play on the slide, go on a round of swing or run around merrily, all the while ensuring that her feet remain protected when having fun and without a care in the world. 

These casual shoes for kids are made with premium quality materials and produced at affordable prices, making them a pocket- friendly choice. Buy kids' casual shoes online now!  


Red & Black Casual Shoes For Boys

Boys like to play carefree and are usually rough and tough when it comes to handling their shoes. But with these P-toes red and black power shoes for boys, you are assured of high durability and long-lasting use, making these kids' casual shoes a worthwhile investment. 

Providing maximum comfort and protection, let your kid ace in basketball, be a pro with the ball in soccer and score more in cricket.  

Black Kids’ Casual Shoes

With these P-toes black casual shoes for boys, let your child feel comfortable when having fun on the playground. The outer material is made of fabric, allowing easy breathability and a nice fit to the feet. While the sole material is made of EVA, making them light in weight but at the same time ensuring durability. 

 We at Paragon value our dear customers in every way and so have implemented strict safety measures at our production units, warehouses and distribution facilities, ensuring that every kids’ casual shoes and other products of Paragon footwear are #SafeToTouch.

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