5 Ways to keep fit during the lockdown

5 Ways to keep fit during the lockdown

Quarantine days are essential, however, this is also a trying situation for fitness enthusiasts. A few minutes of activity can help relax and maintain a positive attitude in these trying times. Here’s how you can keep fit from the comfort of your home. 

30 minutes of physical activity a day can greatly improve moods, decrease stress levels and promote overall wellness. In trying times such as this where safety is a priority and reducing stress level an essential need, home workouts can come in handy. Here are 5 ways to keep fit and stay calm without having to step out of your home.

Stretch and Flex 

Embrace the age-old traditional practice of yoga and set off on the path of fitness and calm. Team up with your family members and resort to YouTube for some easy videos. We recommend putting on some comfortable clothes and going full out on this easy yet effective fitness activity.

Cardio all the way 

Stairs are your best friend when it comes to doing cardio at home. Run up and down a flight of stairs and combine this with a couple of jumps and squats. For people who cannot find stairs, here are a few alternatives you can try.

  1. High Kicks 

  2. Jumping Jacks

  3. Skip Rope

  4. Squat Jumps

These cardio exercises need no equipment and are also pretty fun. Try them and tell us how you like them.

Household Chores

Since house help will not be accessible during this period of time, it would be a great idea to help with household chores to burn off those extra calories. Whether it is keeping the house clean or dusting off those pesky corners of the house, stretching and doing your bit can help keep in shape.

Join a fitness challenge 

 Put on your Stimulus shoes and take on the #WhatsYourStimulus challenge and challenge your friends to promote the benefits of cardio and overall fitness. Join us on our Facebook page for a few fun filled challenges that will help you keep in shape and relieve stress in these tough times.

Dance your heart out

Last but not least, you can always turn on your favourite music and dance your heart out. Put on your dancing shoes and partner with a family member to make this activity more fun and engaging. 

We hope you use this period to stay indoors and stay safe.

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