7 Shoes For College Lads From The Paragon Stimulus Collection

7 Shoes For College Lads From The Paragon Stimulus Collection

One of the perks of going to college is that you no longer have to wear uniforms! Stocking up your wardrobe with the most fashionable clothes and accessories is fun. Talking about accessories, how strong is your shoe game? If you want stylish shoes at budget-friendly prices, then check out the Stimulus collection from Paragon. Here are the seven pairs every college lad should own:

1) Casual sneakers

Casual sneakers

Men Casual Sneakers

Pull on a vibrant pair of casual sneakers like this blue one when you’re heading out the door in a hurry! They’re super trendy and can easily update your regular jeans and T-shirt look.

2) Loafers


Loafers for men

On days when you don’t want to wear socks, wear loafers like these with perforated uppers. They’ll look incredibly elegant paired with linen shirts and trousers. Now, that’s a look that’ll set you apart from the crowd!

3) Dressed-up flip-flops

Dressed-up flip-flops

Flip Flops for Men

Regular flip-flops are for kids. What you need is a faux leather strapped number like this one in a dark shade. Wear it with cotton trousers and shorts and you’ll look like a dude who has it all sorted!

4) Floaters


Floaters for Men

Monsoons? No problem! A stylish pair of floaters will see you through puddles and pouring rain. Plus, it’ll dry quickly once you are indoors too! Definitely keep one around for rainy days.

5) Sporty sandals

Sporty sandals

Sports sandals for Men

What do you wear to a sports meet at the college or while traveling to a college fest? These of course! These sporty sandals give you optimum support and grip without compromising on style! Get them right away!

6) Dressed-up sneakers

Dressed-up sneakers

Sneakers for Men

If you want to really make an impression on your college girlfriend, wear these dressed up sneakers to college with dark denims or chinos and your lucky T-shirt. We promise you, she’ll be impressed!

7) Chunky sneakers

chunky sneakers

Chunky sneakers

Don’t miss out on the chunky sneaker trend that’s raging hard right now! Get a pair of chunky white sneakers and amp up your athleisure looks! These seven shoes from the Paragon Stimulus collection 

will definitely transform you from an ordinary guy to “that well-dressed cool dude” that everyone talks about! If you’re impressed with the broad array of casual shoes and sandals that we’ve just recommended, head over to our site Paragon footwear now!

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