Office Essentials For The Young Achiever

Office Essentials For The Young Achiever

If you've just started your career, you know the huge task that lies ahead of you. Not only do you have to climb the corporate ladder, but you also have to make a favourable impression on all the right people. Luckily for you, we at Paragon have designed the Paragon Max collection keeping young achievers in mind. Here are the five essential pairs of shoes that you can add to your wardrobe right away.

1) Black formal shoes

Black formal shoes

Buy Black Formal shoes

A pair of black formal lace-ups is a must for the corporate guy. These black Derby shoes will go well with most neutral work wear palettes composed of shades in blue, grey, white and black. Therefore, you won't have to think twice before putting these on while you're hurrying out the door.

2) Brown formal shoes

Brown formal shoes

Buy Brown Formal Shoes

Don't think that corporate wear has to be boring. Mix up our look a little bit now and then with brown formal shoes. Keep brown Derby shoes on hand when you want to take a break from the formal black shoes. These look exceptionally good teamed with navy blue trousers.

3) Loafers


Buy Loafers

When you're stocking up on shoes, don't forget to add a pair to go with your casual Friday clothes. A pair of loafers or faux leather sneakers would be any day preferable over worn-out sports shoes.

4) Dressed up brown shoes

Dressed up brown shoes

Buy Dressed up Brown Shoes

If you’re required to travel for work, then your formal shoes won’t be enough. Therefore, buy a pair of dressed-up brown shoes that’ll mask the dust and grime of the roads and still look presentable on arrival.

5) Sandals

sandals for men

Buy Sandals for Men


Traveling to work in the rain is an unavoidable part of life in India. Therefore, get yourself a pair of sleek sandals. Wear it to work and then change into a fresh pair of socks and formal shoes in the office. This would be better than having your expensive shoes destroyed every monsoon.

If you want to check out more formal shoes for men and women, please check out more Paragon brands on the site.

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