All-New Women’s Footwear: Monsoon Collection

All-New Women’s Footwear: Monsoon Collection

This monsoon Paragon has launched an exciting range of products to cater to every woman's requirements. The products range from women’s sandals, women’s flip-flops to women’s heels.

So, are you still worried about stepping out in the rain with your favourite pair of footwear? Well, no more. With Paragon’s all-new monsoon collection, you can now step in the rain without worrying about ruining your new pair of footwear. That’s how durable and sturdy they are.

  • Women’s sandals

Some of the relevant styles this season are: 

  • P-toes sandals

Women's P Toes Turquoise Sandals

The perfect choice for the monsoons is the P-toes sandals. They allow your feet to breathe, and those nasty smells can never stay on your feet!

With straps to secure your feet, these sandals for women will let you enjoy the rain without any pain. Additionally, they have a lot of colour options and look appealing.

  • Solea sandals 

The exclusive collection of sandals for women is one of Paragon’s most stylish, comfortable, and durable collections. For enthusiasts who want to flaunt their style every day with practicality, the sole sandals for women are a perfect choice.

Women’s sandals from the solea collection are an appropriate fit for the rains because they hold the feet intact and support them, thereby avoiding slipping or crashing in those puddles. And just a minute, all this practicality with every inch of style!

  • Stimulus sandals

Women's Stimulus Black-Blue Sandal

Footwear for the smart is what the stimulus range stands for. Perfect for youngsters or students, these provide all-day comfort and are stimulating, as the name itself implies. 

The stimulus women’s sandals come in many colour options, so don’t worry about finding your favourite one here!

  • Vertex sandals

Have you ever wondered where you will find a charming, beautiful yet formal pair of sandals for the office? If you have, then your search ends right at this- VERTEX!

With their thoughtful design and comfortable cushioning, these sandals for women are the perfect fit for your formal footwear.

 Women’s flip-flops

Perfect for people always in a hurry, women’s flip-flops from Paragon add style for those who don’t have the time. Many flip-flops are mainly focused on comfort, and some are focused on style. But at Paragon, you get both comfort and style at the same price!

Some popular flip-flop ranges are:

  • Solea flip-flops

Women Solea flipflops

The definition of elegance is the sole flip-flops. They are so charming and the designs so intricate that you will cherish them the moment you see them. And all this without compromising on comfort and durability.

  • Rubber-based flip-flops

These are the classic flip-flops from Paragon that have an active pressure pad that increases blood circulation and provides all-around comfort. With the classic look and vibrant colours, these are a great choice for everyday use.

  • Paralite flip-flops

As the name suggests, the paralite range from Paragon offers ultra-lightweight women’s flip-flops, even though the light is one of the most durable products from Paragon.

Perfect for everyday casual wear.

Women’s  heels

Heels, apart from adding to the height, also add to the personality of the person. Paragon has a lot of flip-flops and sandals with heels. 

You can find a wide variety of women’s heels at Paragon because almost every range has products with heels, be it sandals, flip-flops or shoes. One can find heels on all of them at Paragon.

Some popular heels ranges are:

Women's White Solea Plus Flip-Flops

  • Solea and solea plus

The exclusive range has a lot of options in both women’s sandals and women’s flip-flops

  • Stimulus

Stimulus heels are the combination of a sporty look with a heel.

To put it in a nutshell, Paragon offers a wide range of products starting from sandals, flip-flops, and heels. Each product is extremely high in quality and provides extraordinary style. 

Paragon offers products to go hand in hand with anything from your wardrobe. With modern designs and a lot of options, footwear from this brand is perfect for everyone.

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