Women's Sandal trends for the festive season

Women's Sandal trends for the festive season

Are you looking for fancy sandals for this season? You are at the right place. Get on the floor and rock the stage with Paragon's new collection of sandals for women. Even in these hard times, there is no need to stop yourself from looking your best during festivals. A festival is incomplete without the pleasure of shopping. 

Paragon has made sure to keep the festive season lively. Paragon's women's sandals collection is the perfect fit for this festive season comprehensively including, high durability, affordable prices, comfort, exclusive variety, and eye-catching designs. Say no to pain and say yes to comfort and style. Paragon has managed to keep up with the evolving designs with the help of an in-house dedicated design team, thus no need to lag in fashion. Dress it up with a saree or kurti for jeans or one-piece, it's the ultimate solution. You can visit the online store to check out the jaw-dropping designs by Paragon and buy unique sandals online.

Get high-quality, fashionable footwear from Paragon's solea brand. Starting at just Rs. 168, Paragon's solea offers stylish and durable sandals for women. The festive season is around the corner, and keeping your style quotient high is very important. 

If you are looking for the style hotspot for this festive season, Paragon is the right place for you. Whether it is wedges or flip flops or sneakers or chappals, Paragon has brought it all to one spot for you. So to make sure you don't miss out on the new collection, rush through this article to have an idea about its collection and Choose from Paragon's exclusive online or offline collection and rule the party. 

A festive season comes with the ultimate joy of shopping and styling yourself into something never before. So let us introduce you to paragons best collection of women's sandals for this festive season:

 Women's black solea plus sandals

Solea Plus 7507 by Paragon is a flat sandal with a triangle in front and is available in black and red colors.

Product features:


  • Its inner material is Polyvinyl Chloride, and its outer material consists of rexine.
  • Available in black and red color, these flats-type sandals are comfortable, durable, and designer and help you fit into any outfit.

You can easily pick up your size from the size guide and style it with ethnic or western wear.

Women's solea blue wedges

These are the perfect fit for your footwear collection. These blue-colored wedges come with a PU sole which makes it comfortable, and the outer rexine makes it durable. This wedges-type footwear with elastic closer is easy to wear, and its PU sole avoids slipping. PU soles are light, abrasion, and water-resistant.

Women's brown-beige solea sandal

Stroll in style with these beige sandals. These sandals are available in brown and pink colors, starting at Rs. 249 is an affordable product to be bought to make a formal statement in any event.

Product features:

  • It consists of a triangular strap with elastic closure at the back and mild heels.
  • Its PU (polyurethane sole) makes it comfortable and avoids slipping. Protects from light, abrasion, and water.
  • Its resin cover makes it durable.
  • Its elegant design is perfect for casuals as well as party wear. 

Women's stimulus black-blue sandal

Even the casuals are much more stylish with Paragon. These wide banded sandals in black and blue leave an unforgettable style statement wherever you go.

Product features:

  • They have velcro closures thus, giving a firm hold on your foot.
  • Its sole is made up of thermoplastic rubber material, while its outer body is made up of rexine.
  • The TPR sole is relatively lighter than other PVC soles and more elastic so it can bear the wear and tear or bad weather much better than others.
  • Its classy look makes it suitable for both Indian and sports look.

Women's black solea sandals

One of the best-looking products by Paragon. These sandals consist of a toe strap, velcro closer, and a 35mm heel which is very low and comfortable for anyone to put on. 


Product features:


  • Its inner material is made of Polyurethane and the outer material is made up of PVC Vinyl.
  • It is available in 2 colors - black and cherry. 


Unlike most sandals, Paragon sandals don’t need much. In order to keep your sandals in optimum condition, all you need to do is keep them away from direct sunlight and wipe with a damp cloth whenever necessary. So Paragon’s ladies sandals have a comprehensive collection of quality, design, and affordability, thus making this festive season more exciting than before.


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