5 reasons why Paragon Women slippers are so popular

5 reasons why Paragon Women slippers are so popular

Planning to buy a comfy pair of slippers? We present a wide range of lovely slippers for women of every age group. We all agree that slippers are not limited to indoors; they can be used outdoors as well. Hence we design durable, stylish slippers for women in various designs and colours. Our paragon women slippers are available at any local shopping mall or your nearest trusted paragon store.

Are you still confused about why to choose Paragon? Here are five reasons why women love paragon slippers!

  • Quality

Women Beige Solea sandals

Our manufactured slippers are known for their durable material and high-quality manufacturing processes. Every slipper we offer is tested safe for material and design. Our slippers are ideal choices for any woman. Paragon slippers are preferred by every woman who is busy multitasking like a pro.  

Our Paragon women's range manufactures all types of soles for your slippers. We create the PU (Poly-Urethane) soles for the rainy season or the EVA (Ethylene- Vinyl- Acetate) soles that offer a feather-like light feeling to the wearer. Our in-house production team can handle 400,000 pairs a day without compromising the quality of any footwear. Every woman loves the quality and material of our footwear.

  • Range of style

Women's Solea Plus Blue-Tan Casual Sandal

Whether you love the pretty pink or whether you like wearing black from head to toe, Paragon has the thing for everyone. Our ladies' chappal range has almost every colour on the rainbow available. We design a wide range of stylish footwear to suit every occasion and season.

Apart from the lovely colours, our ladies chappal collection also has designs that steal every show. From the simple black to the flowery blue, it never falls short of the expectations. Our range of slippers for girls never goes out of style.

  • Comfort

Women's Black Solea Flip-Flops

One of the most important things while buying slippers is comfort. We design slippers that are worn to feel comfortable. Our range of women's slippers represents casualness. As a footwear manufacturer, Paragon does a good job of keeping up with the needs of the women. Our formulated ladies slippers mostly boast V-shaped straps and are extremely light weighted.

Another feature is the fact that these slippers are slip-resistant. Hence, the risk of falling while walking on a slippery path is nil.

  • Economical

Women's Black Solea Sandals

Since a huge chunk of the country's population is middle class or lower middle class, the budget for something as simple as a slipper is super low. Women always look for the best product at the lowest price. Paragon is one of the most budget-friendly footwear brands and has always been a priority for many women.

We provide slippers for as low as Rupees 99. In today's market, getting this level of quality and style range at this kind of price is often unheard of. This is one of the main features why Paragon slippers are so popular among women.

  • Trusted Brand

Most women love Paragon slippers since it is a trusted brand. Paragon has become synonymous with slippers in many households. Women trust our slippers as a brand so much, because in a nutshell, so has their mother and their grandmother. There are very few brands in the market that have created such a kind of faith among the customers. We have been working since 1975, it's been more than 45 years, and we have served many happy customers with our footwear.

We believe that every woman deserves the best footwear which is why every woman's slipper manufactured by us is created to perform the best in durability, style, design and comfort. Women always choose the best for their feet with Paragon's range of slippers.

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