Top 5 men's slippers- work from home collection

Top 5 men's slippers- work from home collection

Looking for a perfect pair of slippers that would provide comfort to your feet while working from home? Worry not, Paragon presents a wide range of men's casual slippers in various colours and designs. Every slipper manufactured by us is designed to offer comfort and style. 

Who doesn't like to wear slippers indoors? Everyone prefers to protect their feet from the cold floor. Wearing slippers can be highly beneficial to your feet, as it can prevent you from common illnesses, including bacterial and fungal infections. Wearing slippers indoors has proven to heal swollen feet. This pandemic, carry on your work from home with healthy feet by using Paragon Slippers for men

Here's the list of the top 5 men's slippers for working from home:

  1. Men’s paralite dark grey casual slippers. 

Mens Dark grey slippers

This comfy slipper comes in two colours: black and grey. The exterior and sole material is composed of EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate), which gives rubber-like softness and flexibility. It is a waterproof casual slipper that you can use indoors as well as outdoors. It costs Rs. 300, making it a great buy at that price. These men's paralite dark grey casual slippers are perfectly designed for stylish appearance and comfort. 

  • Men's sandwich cushions casual flip flops.

Men's Sandwich Cushion Casual Flip flops

One of the most pocket-friendly, low-cost casual flip flops from Paragon's wide range is men's sandwich cushion casual flip flops. This amazing pair of flip flops are available in all sizes, and it costs 90 rupees only. Here the rubber is used for both the interior and exterior surface to deliver comfort. 


  • Men's brown slickers sandals.

Men's Brown Slickers Sandals

Sandals never go out of style. At the same time, Paragon has its own men's brown slicker sandals that combine comfort with style. Have a look at the sturdy design of this durable sandal. These sandals are made from strong material; hence you can use the sandals indoors and outdoors. The inner material is made from PU, which acts tough but gives a soft feel to the wearer. 


In comparison, the outer material is made from PVC vinyl, enhancing this formal sandal’s outlook. A sandal that comes with a superior grip for the monsoon season. These brown men's slicker sandals are a must-have for every man. 


  • Men's sky blue Stimulus casual flip flops.

Men's SkyBlue Stimulus Casual Flip flops

Presenting a stylish pair of flip flops combined with durable material. Our stylish men's sky blue stimulus casual flip flop is surely the centre of attraction. This flip flop is manufactured from a mixture of rubber and EVA. Thus it is a waterproof flip flop. In contrast, the sole substance is made from EVA material that gives comfort to the wearer. And this pair of stylish flip flops only costs approximately Rs. 150. This highly durable pair of flip flops are available in all sizes.                                                                                                   


  • Men's black vertex flip flops.    

Men's Black Vertex Flip-Flops

Here comes another stylish pair of flip flops by Paragon. Men's black vertex flip flops are designed for comfort and fashion. This pair of flip flops have an interior manufactured of PU, and the exterior is constructed of PVC Vinyl. The flip flop comes with an outstanding grip and waterproof material for monsoon season. This amazing pair of flip flops are available in all sizes, and it costs around 300 rupees only. A must flip flop for any man to wear outdoors or indoors.                                                                      

We manufacture every footwear with high-quality material for your safety. Each of our footwear is tested to be safe and designed to offer comfort. Always choose the best of your feet. Our stylish and comfortable footwear suits every foot. We offer a wide range of men's casual slippers online, available in all sizes and designs. Check out our new footwear on the official website. 

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