Amp Up Your Workout Game With Casual & Comfortable Running Shoes

Amp Up Your Workout Game With Casual & Comfortable Running Shoes

The beginning of a new year opens up many opportunities, and one of them is to get fit and be the best version of yourself. If you have made a resolution to work out this year - Congratulations on taking the first step. The next step however is to find the right pair of running shoes to complement your journey towards a fitter you. 


There are many types of running shoes, from basic shoes to advanced running shoes, the build varies as per the need of the individual. The cost of the shoes increases with the level of advancement. If you are beginning your fitness journey, it might be a good idea to invest in a pair of pocket-friendly yet comfortable running shoes that can help you achieve your goals. Presenting the latest casual running shoes for women from the house of Paragon. 






Simplicity is the key to making a solid statement. These simple yet significant casual shoes for women double up as running shoes that keep you on your feet and help you get your daily dose of serotonin. The shoes are rendered in a subtle dark blue hue that adds to the style quo of this pair. They can easily be sported with tracks or shorts for your next run These modish casuals have a mesh outer material and plush soles that ensure comfort and durability while maintaining a sophisticated look.




Add color to your morning runs with a pair of stunning and vibrant red running shoes for women from Paragon. These lightweight casual shoes are supremely comfortable as much as they are stylish. Offering a dose of unmissable style, these shoes make for a great addition to your fitness gear. The extra comfortable shoes feature soft footbeds and durable outer material making each run a breeze. 




Are you an on-the-go kind of a woman? Then these slip-on shoes are just about perfect for you. The grey and black slip-on running shoes for women are easy to wear and easy to chase your fitness goals in. They feature EVA soles and mesh outer material ensures maximum comfort and durability while maintaining their sleek and stylish appeal. Not only do these running shoes give your feet extra spring but also add oomph to your overall look. They can also double up as casual shoes almost effortlessly.




If you take your fashion choices as seriously as your fitness choices, this pair of monotone running shoes for women in navy blue is sure to check the right boxes. Given how simple yet significant the style quo made by these shoes are, you can team them up with a pair of shorts or tracks and complete the look with a T-Shirt of your choice. In terms of performance, these shoes will never disappoint given the comfortable sole and a durable build. 




If you aim to go beyond the ordinary, then these dual-tone shoes in red and grey are sure to make your heart race. The comfortable yet stylish pair of running shoes for women are designed to delight and perform. The ultra-comfortable soles, the light outer, and an overall stylish vibe will guarantee you look your absolute best - every workout session and every run. These shoes are sure to make heads turn with their unique appeal, not to mention, you hit each of your fitness goals in style.

Note: These shoes are unisex and can also make for a great gift for your better half. These shoes can also double up as casual shoes because they are versatile, easy to use, and easy to maintain.


We hope this curation of the best running shoes for women will help you pick the best running shoes. Click here to read how to pick the right running shoes. 


Visit to explore more running shoes and casual shoes for women. Shop from the safety and comfort of your home today. 

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