Our Top 5 Training Shoes For Men

Our Top 5 Training Shoes For Men

Returning to the gym after a long hiatus, training for an upcoming marathon, or acting on a new year resolution you recently made? Either way, add intensity to your run with a pair of running shoes for men that possess every quality you need for a satisfactory run. Our men’s running shoes are ideal for jogging, workouts, and for every other fitness activity under the sun. 


When looking for training shoes or running shoes, it is important to tick off a few checkboxes


  1. The right fit - never too tight, never too loose. Shoes should fit just right.
  2. The right kind - each foot is different and needs shoes that complement them. 
  3. The right price - overpaying or underpaying for shoes is a big no-no, pay right, pay smart. 






High ankle trainers are quite the trending pair to own this year. They are stylish, they are in-vogue but most of all they are comfortable and support your feet with each step taken towards your fitness goals. A great pick in the high ankle trainer category are these stylish black-red lace-up casual shoes for men from Stimulus are sure to grab attention with its sporty look. These shoes feature a plush sole that ensures comfort and its mesh outer fabric makes for a stylish feature to have. These trainers can easily be worn when you are jogging or stepping into the gym for an extensive workout session. 



Your workout gear could use some color and spunk and these colorful trainers are here to deliver that and more. Designed keeping the modern man in mind, these lightweight and comfortable trainers are what need to find your way into your workout bag. They are vibrant, lightweight, stylish, and comfortable - an entire package in itself. The build is supremely modern and the extra soft footbeds and durable outer material add to the features of these shoes making them excellent investments for your gym time.




Effortlessly stylish and ideal for on-the-go fitness enthusiasts, these laceless trainers make for the perfect pick when hitting the gym or going for a jog. The running shoes feature EVA soles and mesh outer material ensures maximum comfort and durability while maintaining its sleek and stylish appeal. The grey-toned trainers are lightweight, trendy, and feature branding elements that give them a rather fashionable look. Since they are laceless, they are easy to slip into making them on-the-go fashion staples. The trainers also double up as comfortable casual wear you can sport when taking up other fitness activities. 



One can never go wrong when investing in a pair of black trainers. They are super versatile, stylish and have a unique style appeal that is simply unmatchable. Coupled with these black trainers are camo prints that add a twist to this pair. The camo print trainers feature a full mesh detailed design, a rare combination of lace and eye-pleasing camo print velcro. The combination of lace and velcro ensures twice the grip and twice the comfort. These shoes can easily be the best-looking ones when you sport them to the gym. 



The vibrance of these neon trainers will set you apart from the crowd. The blue and green neon trainers for men are an excellent pick for the fitness enthusiast who believes in standing apart from the crowd and making a solid style statement in addition to smashing fitness goals. The ultra-stylish shoes feature a comfortable sole and a durable build. They also feature a lace-up closure making it ideal for everyday use at the gym and for jogs. 


Complete your workout shoe closet with these comfortable, modern trainers from men at pocket-friendly prices. Visit www.paragonfootwear.com to shop the latest running shoes and trainers for men from the safety and comfort of your home.

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