B-School Staples: Look Your Professional Best

B-School Staples: Look Your Professional Best

Just started your professional career at a business school and wondering what your wardrobe should look like? Professional dressing is a part and parcel of every B-school student’s life. But, what exactly do we mean by professional dressing? Do you always have to be in formals? Or can you experiment with some chic business casuals? Worry not, because we are here to help you look your formal best!

Read on to find out your B-school wardrobe staples.

1)Formal Shoes

A must-have in every B-school student’s wardrobe, formal shoes can take your professional look to the next level. Invest in a good pair of formal shoes which you can wear with a well-fitting suit. Guys, you can pick durable black formal shoes for men or brown formal shoes, as most people can carry off these shoes effortlessly. You can find a wide variety of classy formal shoes online on Paragon. Go, check it out now!

Women can choose stilettos or high-heeled shoes in black.

Pro Tip  - Always make sure that your shoes are well-maintained and polished. Dirty shoes are a complete no-no in a B-school, especially when you want to make an impression!  

2) Blazers

Most of the time, first impressions are formed based on your dressing. Blazers are perfect if you want to nail the business casual look. They are an added bonus for girls and they pair up amazingly well with dresses and you can turn all your casual dresses to formal ones by just adding this one thing!

Make sure that your blazer is well-fitting, especially around your cuffs.

3) Casual Slip-ons

While you are jumping between classes and trying to juggle your assignments and sleepless nights, you need some easy-to-go and comfortable shoes for your feet. For men, loafers are an excellent option if you are going for a casual look. Moccasins also work very well with business casuals.

For women, flat shoes of ballerinas are your best bet. These can be worn with your everyday clothes, as well as formals, too. Alternatively, you can also choose strapped sandals in black or tan colours.

4) Accessories

Accessories like watches will take your outfit from boring to brilliant in seconds. Add a leather strapped analogue watch to your closet to add that extra oomph to your dressing.

Ladies, always keep your jewellery minimalistic. Simple studs for your ears and elegant chains for your neck are best suitable for formal dressing.

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