Comfy Casual Slippers Perfect for the Summer

Comfy Casual Slippers Perfect for the Summer

Summer is a time for comfort wear - breezy outfits, cool shades, sun hats and not to forget, the perfect pair of summer footwear to complete your look. Footwear for the summer should be lightweight for easy walking, breathable for refreshed feet, and flexible for a cool mind in the hot summer heat. Paragon understands your footwear needs for every season and so has created a summer collection of men’s casual slippers in trendy and comfy designs. Here is a curated list of the top five comfy slippers for men from Paragon.


Sleek Black & Comfy Men’s Casual Slippers

These easy-to-slide-in men’s casual slippers let you feel breezy and comfy on any summer day, and at the same time lets you stay cool and stylish in this hot season. The open front and back designs are for maximum air circulation, allowing for a clammy-free walk on the sunny streets.

The one-toe design together with the braided sturdy straps provides a snug fit, keeping your feet firm and stable while the PVC outer lightweight material lets you take every step with ease. Get comfortable men’s casual slippers online perfect for the summer weather.

Mustard Yellow & Comfy Slippers For Men


Comfy, lightweight and sturdy are the three key things to be on your mind when investing in a good pair of slippers for men this summer season. And that’s the reason why you gotta buy these men’s casual slippers online. 

The inner PU material is an excellent shock absorber, protecting the soles of your feet upon every impact and at the same time allows flexibility for every twist and bend you make on the rocky road. Buy this comfy pair from Paragon footwear.


Chocolate Brown & Comfy Men’s Casual Slippers


Feel feet refreshed while in this airy pair perfect for continuous long walks in the sultry summer weather. These mens’ casual slippers in open footwear style are especially for sweat-free feet when you stroll down the streets of the town, allowing you a comfortable walk every day.  

Durable straps in a shade of Cadbury brown created in trendy designs add not just style but also ensures a perfect fit. These casual slippers for men are of lightweight material of PU and PVC Vinyl, making your journey on foot easy and nice.


Caramel Brown & Comfy Slippers For Men


Soft and cushiony are these open-toe casual slippers for men, providing comfort at every step. The modish outer designs allow easy breathability for your feet, ensuring that they are clammy-free. On a bright sunny day, these airy, comfy slippers for men make for a great solemate.

Cool Grey & Comfy Men’s Casual Slippers

Easy to wear Paralite men’s casual slippers come in trendy minimalistic designs for super breathability on hot sunny months. Made of EVA material, this grey pair of slippers for men allow flexibility for your feet and protects you at each step. Also made for Lightweight and durability, these slip-ons make sure you have lighthearted journeys for years to come.

 Paragon highly values the health and safety of our customers and so we have enforced strict precautionary measures in our manufacturing units, warehouses and distribution channels to make sure that your every online purchase from ParagonFootwear is #SafeToTouch.

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