Everything You Need to Know About Kids’ Footwear

Everything You Need to Know About Kids’ Footwear

Kids are super-active beings who are always jumping, running around and constantly on the move. All this high energy is endured by their shoes, so obviously there will be some quick wear and tear inflicted on the shoes. Also, kids outgrow their shoes very fast, making it necessary to buy brand new ones that they can wear. As a parent, finding the right kind of footwear that’s comfortable for your child can be difficult and hence we have curated an easy-to-read list about kids' footwear available online. 


Casual Kids Footwear

These kids' shoes, designed stylishly in a combination of navy blue and white give off cool and casual vibes, and can be worn for occasions like weekend outings, playtimes and catching up with friends. 

Made of the latest materials, these kids’ footwear are lightweight and comfy, allowing your child to be active all day long. Shop for smart-casual kids' shoes online and let your kids indulge in their favourite play comfortably.

Kids Sandals

At Paragon, we believe P-toes - kids' sandals are the most comfortable for summer wear, as these floaters let your feet breathe all day. Perfect for casual outings and evening walks, these kids' footwear allows your child to look smart and stylish in vibrant colours of black and bright orange.

The velcro closure, sturdy straps and the EVA sole material allow a snug fit, stable walks and a proper gait every day. Buy these high-quality kids' shoes online and give your child comfort footwear for their sole.    


Kids Flip Flops

Kids' flip flops, made in minimalistic designs, a baby pink hue and debossed floral imprints are perfect for home wear or for the quick walk in the neighbourhood garden. Let your child's feet remain protected and clean even at home with these comfortable and lightweight kids’ flip flops.

Made of hawai inner material and rubber strap, the kids’ flip flops are sturdy, durable and long-lasting, ensuring the money invested into these kids’ footwear is worth it. 


Kids School Shoes

Made in formal and minimalistic designs, these kids’ school shoes are perfect for everyday school wear. They help your child walk to school comfortably, run around in the playground enthusiastically and are perfect for march-past parades. 

These kids' shoes available online are manufactured with high-quality soles, flexible upper material and functional shoe designs. Get them at affordable prices too only from Paragon.


 Ethnic Kids' Footwear


Created in dark hues of maroon and black, these P-toes formal sandals for kids are perfect for festive occasions. They can match with a sherwani in royal blue and white or a pink silk ensemble of dhoti and kurta. These shoes can be used for wedding occasions and family get-togethers, letting your child feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the day.  

This ethnic footwear is made of PU sole material to ensure maximum protection to your child's feet while the resin outer material allows a snug fit as well as a stylish look for your smart kid.

Like what you see? Shop for the latest collection of fashionable kids footwear only from the ParagonFootwear online store. We adhere to safety regulations right from our manufacturing units to our delivery processes, ensuring that our footwear products are always #SafeToTouch.

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