5 Summer Sandals Every Woman Needs In Her Shoe Closet

5 Summer Sandals Every Woman Needs In Her Shoe Closet

Summer is the time for comfort attire that keeps you cool and refreshed as well as the right kind of shoes to complete your season’s outfit. No matter what kind of clothes you wear, the colours, prints, designs and lengths should go hand in hand with the footwear that you wear. Paragon understands this need and has created a wide variety of women’s sandals to go with every outfit. Here is a curated list of some of the best sandals for women for the summer season. 

Brown & Black Women’s Sandals For Beautiful Sarongs

Women solea black sandals


Bring out your colourful sarongs to pair up with these flat sandals for women in colours of black and brown. A light or navy blue sarong with lovely florals or palm leaf prints along with a white frilly shirt is enough to make you look gorgeous in this sunny season. This dress style with comfy Paragon ladies’ sandals is also suited for your beach outings.

The flat women’s sandals work well on sand as opposed to heels. You can be assured never to get your feet sunk into the sand or worst-case scenario - trip and fall while trying your best to look stylish.


Red Tinted Ladies' Sandals For Classy Midi Dresses

Women Solea plus red sandals


Midi dresses are perfect for summers. Flaunt a striped, red and white midi dress or a light blue laced one that complements well with these fashionable women’s sandals in a tinted hue of red. The thin straps make for a stylish design altogether while the heels add the required glam factor. 

With these elegant ladies' sandals, you can also opt for a cotton mustard midi dress, looking fabulous in floral repeat patterns. The mix of Light red and mustard go well together and to top it all, wear a straw hat for some respite from the sun.


Beige Sandals For Women For Stylish Maxi Dresses

Women Solea plus beige casual sandals

Your breezy maxi dress for the summer is now complete with these beige-heeled sandals for women that let you walk perfectly in style and ease with the long outfit. Pair these comfy and elegant ladies’ sandals with maxi dresses in solid baby pinks, frilly sky blues or coffee browns in ethnic prints.

These slip-ons are made for durability, style and lightweight walks. With PU sole material, your feet remain cushioned and protected throughout the day. Shop for these trendy sandals online and get styled right for the summer.


Brown Women’s Sandals For Cutesy Knee-Length Skirts

Womens Tan Solea Plus sandals

Your summers are now comfy and breezy in a knee-length skirt in brown and black Jaipuri prints that can be paired up with these airy brown sandals from Paragon. Shop for these sandals online and upgrade your summer style.


Blue Ladies’ Sandals For Breezy Ankle-Length Skirts

Womens Blue Solea plus sandals

Your summers are cool and breezy in ankle-length chiffon skirts made with bohemian prints in teals and floral embroidery in pink hues. To complement your outfit, why not wear a mix of grey-blue ladies sandals from Paragon. Buy these stylish sandals online and perfect your summer style wear.


Like what you see? Shop for the latest collection of fashionable women's sandals only from the ParagonFootwear online store. We adhere to safety regulations right from our manufacturing units to our delivery processes, ensuring that our footwear products are always #SafeToTouch.


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