How Gen Z Is Styling Comfy Slippers In 2022

How Gen Z Is Styling Comfy Slippers In 2022

If there is anything Gen Z can effortlessly ace, it is the art of making almost anything fashionable and getting trends rolling in the most unique way. A pair of slippers is no different. Gen Z has time and again shown that no matter what the fashion staple, it can work well if styled smartly. Today, let's revisit an all-time classic - the men’s slipper and style it the way Gen Z would.


Slippers for men are more than just an at-home commodity, they are a versatile pair that offers ample comfort while keeping the overall vibe effortlessly stylish. This stylish footwear comes in all styles and is the epitome of casual style. The best part about comfy slippers is that you can buy as many as you’d like without pinching a hole in your pocket. With Paragon, you can get slippers for men under 200 INR and up your style game, the Gen Z way!



Adding a pop of color is in vogue this season Gen Z seems to be making the most of this trend. A pair of casual slippers for men can add much-needed zing and color to your everyday attire with absolute ease. These red slippers are a delight to own given their casual vibe, colorful look, and comfortable build. Featuring an ultra-comfortable sole and branded V-Straps, these slippers can be paired with a pair of shorts and a T-Shirt or a pair of jeans and a casual shirt; either way, compliments are guaranteed. 



What if we told you that slippers on formal is not an outlandish idea but it is in thanks to Gen Z and their unique sense of style and eye for trends. A pair of well-put-together slippers for men can easily complement your formal outfits giving it a classy edge and a polished look. These tan slippers are built to make formal dressing fun. With their comfortable soles and detailed straps, this pair is a classic addition to your formal wardrobe.



Stunning becomes an understatement when describing these classic black ethnic slippers for men. Built to stand the test of fashion and time, these men’s slippers are a class apart when it comes to making a style statement. The comfortable sole is rendered with textures and a contrasting V-Strap completes the classic look of these elegant fashion staples. These slippers are a must-have if you want to dance your heart out at the next family get-together in style.



Not a special occasion? No problem. Get your feet dancing with a pair of these casual slippers for men. Crafted to make a simple yet significant style statement, these men’s slippers are what every man must own when trying to make a casual appearance in style. This pair of tan men’s slippers feature a printed sole, detailed strap, and an air of style that is simply impossible to resist. 




  • Choose comfort over everything 
  • Choose a color closest to the color of clothes you usually wear 
  • Keep in mind the occasion for which you would like to flaunt them 
  • Consider daily wear slippers separate from your outdoor slippers, shop accordingly 
  • Buy the perfect size, neither too small nor too large
  • Invest in stylish yet comfortable pairs 
  • Consider value for money 
  • Visit for countless options and styles


Slippers for men have become more than just another pair, they have become staples of style that speak volumes about the taste of the one wearing them. Gen Z has aced yet another style that is here to stay. Investing in a pair of men’s slippers makes for a smart fashion choice given how versatile they are and the style quotient they bring with them.


For GenZ-friendly styles, visit our website and indulge in the latest slippers for men under 200 INR. Choose your favorite styles and flaunt them the GenZ way.

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