Kids Edition: 5 Colourful Shoes Your Kids Will Love

Kids Edition: 5 Colourful Shoes Your Kids Will Love

Kids love colour and are greatly fascinated by the wide variety of hues that they get to see each day. Colour brings delight into their hearts and also stimulates emotions within. So one of the best things that you can do is to give them a wonderful pair of colourful shoes for their feet. Paragon understands that each child is different and so has created a wide range of kids’ casual shoes in some of the most amazing colour blends and fascinating designs. Here is a curated list of the top 5 colourful shoes that your kids will love to wear.


Green & Blue Bubble Print Kids’ Casual Shoes

Fookids from Paragon have a wonderful collection of the latest kids' casual shoes in diverse colours that are simply a treat to the eyes. Your child will love being in these vibrant blue-green bubble-printed kids’ casual shoes, perfect for a super-active day at the playground. 

The easy slip-on shoes are built with high-quality fabric material to facilitate breathability and flexibility for the feet while the PVC sole material ensures that your little kiddo maintains steady feet when running and jumping in pure excitement.


Black & Orange Starry Kids’ Casual Shoes

Let your baby girl look absolutely cute in orange and black P-Toes kids’ casual shoes. The bright stars against the dark hue is a contrasting play of colours that your child will love. 

The velcro straps enable your kid to fasten her shoes easily without much difficulty. It is a perfect design for growing children who are learning to wear shoes correctly. Shop for comfy and colorful kids’ casual shoes online and see them put on a bright smile.


Latest Kids Shoes in Blue & Orange Fantasy 

Kids’ casual shoes in a colourful fusion of light orange and blue in abstract patterns look lovely on your kid. The slip-on P-Toes is hassle-free, kid-friendly footwear that allows your child to walk comfortably and steadily.

The sole material is made of PVC to ensure your tiny tot's feet are everytime protected while the resin outer material provides a snug fit.


Latest Kids Shoes in Rainbow Hues 

Rainbow-coloured kid’s casual shoes are always an all-time favourite among children. The combination of these seven colours is a sight to behold. The knitted design with water droplets makes for an interesting print, reminiscent of the refreshing rainy season. 

These latest shoes in slip-on designs are the best choice for kids as they can be easily worn by little children without any hassle. Buy colourful kids’ casual shoes online and see your child bright and happy.


Smart Blue & Orange Kids Casual Shoes

Let your child shine bright in smart-looking P-Toes kids' casual shoes rendered in playful designs and eye-catching colours. In a blend of navy blue, orange and light blue, these latest kids’ shoes go well with casual wear of jeans and a white shirt, making them your child’s favourite pair. 

With velcro straps, these latest kids’ shoes let children easily wear them as opposed to laces which take up a considerable amount of time and are at times a hassle.

 ParagonFootwear highly cherishes its customers and so we have incorporated precautionary measures of the highest standards in various branches of our production, warehousing and distribution facilities so as to ensure that every pair of footwear, including kids’ casual shoes is #SafeToTouch by you and your family.

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