How to take care of footwear during the Holi season

How to take care of footwear during the Holi season

There is a feeling of happiness when buying anything new, and so is the case with men’s sandals. They are stylish and go well with your outfits. You love them a lot and want them for a very long time. But what if they can’t stay that way. It can get quite worrisome if your brand new shoes look worn and ruined due to muddy water, dirt and dried salt. But fret not. Here are some proven hacks to keep your sandals in mint condition. 

Care Tips for Rexine Men’s Sandals

Rexine is a type of artificial leather meant to mimic the real one. So if you get them dirty and wet, here is a solution to get them squeaky clean.

  1. Take a cloth and dip it in a warm solution of soapy water

  2. Rub it onto the sandals to get rid of salt and dirt. The sandals now look a lot better than before as most of the grime is gone

  3.  Next is to moisturize your sandals just as you do for your skin. Take a moisturizer used for synthetic and leather footwear and apply a generous amount onto the sandal's surface. The lotion protects your sandals as it creates a layer

  4. Use another clean dry cloth to spread and rub the lotion all over your footwear.

  5. Finally, your sandals will look as good as new - just right off the shelf. 


Buy these rexine men’s sandals online from Paragon and if at all they get dirty, you know what to do.

Care Tips for Resin Men’s Sandals

Your brand new resin sandals is prone to damage from coloured water, dirt and salt, making them look shabby and unflattering. Here’s what you got to do to get them all sparkly and nice.

  1. Take a new brush and gently brush your resin sandals to get rid of the dirt. Do it gently to avoid any abrasive damage
  2. Next, add lemon juice extracts, baking soda and detergent together
  3. To the mixture, add water and mix them up nice and thoroughly
  4. Take a hard toothbrush, dip it onto this mixture and brush it over the sandals
  5. Remove the dirt and other debris 
  6. Rinse off your shoes with water
  7. And dry them in the sunlight


Buy these resin sandals for men online, and when they are ruined due to mud, dirt or water, follow the above steps for a makeover. 


 The Waterproof Hack for all Types of Men’s Sandals

Waterproofing can be done to all kinds of men’s sandals: fabric, rexine, leather, faux leather, and nylon. Here are three easy steps to protect sandals from the water element. 


  1. Buy a water and stain repellent spray
  2. Spray it onto your sandals
  3. Let your sandals sit for 24 hours to allow the spray to cure

And voila, no matter what kind of water it is - dirty, muddy or grey, they will never be able to stain your most cherished pair. Buy these new pair of EVA men’s sandals online from Paragon and use this quick waterproof hack for a long-lasting sandal.

Get Rid of Scuff Marks That Blemish Your Sandals

Scuff marks are marks that are left on the sandals when they are rubbed against something. And it is even more alarming when left on your precious white sandals. But not to worry. Here’s a simple trick to make your white resin men’s sandals blemish-free. 


  1. Buy a nail polish remover
  2. Take a Q-tip or an earbud 
  3. Dip it into the solution
  4. And rub off the marks from your white sandals 


Buy these stylish white resin sandals for men online from Paragon and if they happen to get these unlucky marks, make them vanish off in a jiffy with the above steps. 

With these simple solutions, you can make these men’s sandals look clean, new and blemish-free. So don’t worry, buy your own favourite pair online from paragon and use these tips and tricks to see the magic. We follow strict precautions in our factories, warehouses and delivery process, making sure that all Paragon products are #SafeToTouch.

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