The Complete Women's Footwear Collection: Slippers to Sandals

The Complete Women's Footwear Collection: Slippers to Sandals

Shopping for footwear is more complex than many shoe noobs might think. Which shoe types do you typically purchase? How will they complement your wardrobe? When do heels become excessive? This article gives you all the answers with some advice. Before you go to the shoe store, check out this comprehensive index of footwear types and common names. We showcase a selection of women’s footwear available at our store.

  • Gladiators
  • One of the most iconic pieces of summer footwear is the gladiator sandal. This sandal is classic in style and works well with any outfit. The sandal's elasticized top makes it easy to put on and take off. Your feet will look fabulous in these shoes because of it. 

    Wearing gladiators is always a good idea. Wearing these sandals with sultry, alluring, and feminine clothes is essential.

    Shorts, jeans, capris, long skirts, and short dresses are appropriate for women to pair with gladiators. You can wear them with your favourite outfit or as a statement piece. 

  • Jelly Sandals
  • The jelly in jelly sandals is a rubber substitute. These footwear are lightweight, comfortable, and simple to maintain. When the temperature rises, they provide welcome relief. Our product, women’s sandals, makes your walk easier and more comfortable.

    They look great with more laid-back ensembles but elevate more formal attire. You can wear them with your favourite outfit or as a statement piece. 

  • Rope Sandals
  • A pair of rope sandals is a timeless shoe option. The adaptable style works equally well with dresses, shorts, and A-line skirts. These shoes typically have an anti-skid sole.

    If a woman is going to wear rope sandals, she should stick to a minimal, stylish outfit. You can jazz up your look with a colourful tank top or scarf, but stay moderate, as the shoe will draw enough attention as it is.

    Rope sandals add boho chic to summer outfits. Twisted or braided rope-like straps give these sandals a beachy look. Rope sandals and trainers make a stylish, casual outfit.

  • Slip-On Slippers
  • Keeping the slip-on women’s slippers close to the door lets you quickly put them on when you come inside from the cold or take out the trash. Slippers come in many styles and materials, some warmer than others. The slip-on house shoe protects your foot from the ground up but not your ankle. If you need something that keeps your foot warm and covers most of it, the slip-on might not be the best choice. Anyone seeking simplicity and usability should select this choice.

  • Flip Flop
  • These are a great option if you live in a warmer climate and want to keep your feet off the floor, but it's too warm for a full booty or sock slipper.

    Since only a little expensive fabric goes into making flip-flop slippers, they tend to be cheap. Our flipflops for women typically features a terry cloth-like fabric on the footbed, making them simple to clean but less toasty than other materials. It helps them walk comfortably.

  • Sliders
  • Our sliders for women are made with fabric that will divide the big toe from the other toes. The slip-on protects your toes and the front of your foot. The sliders combine the characteristics of the two types of shoes. Thanks to our sliders, your toes will be visible, but a band of fabric will cover the top of your foot. 

    The slider slipper is a common footwear option for exiting the shower. These are ideal for the bathroom because they will keep your feet dry and stop you from slipping. The slider slipper is ideal for bathrooms and warm climates.


    When it comes to footwear, women today have many choices. From sandals to slippers, there is a shoe for every situation. We did extensive research and writing to create this comprehensive guide to women's shoes. 

    Take advantage of the most recent discounts from Paragon to save money on the ideal shoes for any situation. Whether you need a pair of shoes for casual wear or something more formal, this guide will assist you in finding the perfect pair. Start looking through our inventory right away.

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