Love blue? Check out these top 5 blue women’s sandals

Love blue? Check out these top 5 blue women’s sandals

The blue hue is a favourite among many. It is the colour of the morning sky and the serene ocean waters. It is the colour of peace. Not only does it soothe and bring tranquility to the mind, but is also pleasing to the eyes. But did you know that blue is a very rare colour in nature? Despite that Paragon has come up with some amazing and striking blue women’s sandals for all the blue lovers out there. Let us see some of the blue creations which you’ll love. 

Blue & White Ankle Straps Women’s Sandals

This Solea women’s sandal has a cool, refreshing blue colour and along with the white, gives a balanced colour harmony. If you are ever on a beach vacation, these blue sandals blend well with the beige sand and the azure sea. Wear a blue georgette dress that flutters in the breezy winds. 

The soles of these sandals for women withstand the deteriorating effects of the external elements like the water, rocks, and air as they are made from a durable PU material. As a result, you can let your feet venture out everywhere without a care. Shop for these fun-looking blue sandals online and get 50% off.

Elegant & Floral Navy Blue Sandals for Women

The diamond studs in a floral pattern are just lovely women’s sandals. And the navy blue colour is in the right combination with the sparkling gems. The blue hue gives out elegant vibes and matches well with outfits like blue denim skirts and chambray jackets over a white undershirt. The overall design and the strips of these ladies' sandals look the best for your pretty feet. 


Made with durable resin, the outer material withstands wear & tear, allowing you to wear them for years to come. The PU sole is a sturdy material, letting you walk for miles together in any given terrain. Get these pretty ladies' sandals online from the best footwear store in town - Paragon. 



Pretty Blue & Tan Ladies Sandals


These Solea women’s sandals look extremely elegant and when paired with a chiffon dress of the same colour, makes you look soft and graceful. The solid tan and blue are in perfect harmony with each other, exuding out a mesmerizing effect. 

The ankle strap ensures that your feet are perfectly strapped, giving you a nice, graceful gait when you walk, while the high-quality resin outer material maintains the look and finish, allowing you to show them off. Buy these ladies' sandals from the best women’s sandals online store.


Bright Peppy Blue Women’s Sandals

Don’t these ladies' sandals look fun and blue? How much more when you wear them, especially with a frilly, girly, fluttery blue-hued dress? This gladiator variant of women’s sandals look lovely for a date night. And since these have captured your heart, it’s time to capture his heart. 

The outer rexine material provides a high-quality finish and look, while the durable PU sole material provides a solid protection for your soles. Get these blue sandals online from Paragon.  

Blue Block-Designed Sandals for Women

The blue block motif on beige looks aesthetically pleasing, moreover, they are a perfect colour combination. With these ladies' sandals, don a traditional blue cotton saree with ethnic prints and look as elegant as ever. 

These women’s sandals are lightweight, durable, and comfortable, allowing you to tread smoothly on any terrain for many years. Get these sandals online and delivered right to your doorstep. 

Like what you see? Buy the latest, funkiest and beautiful blue women’s sandals from the Paragon online store. We care for your safety, and hence follow stringent measures in our factories, warehouses and delivery departments to ensure that all our Paragon products are #SafeToTouch.


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