Shoes from the Blot Collection we Love

Shoes from the Blot Collection we Love

Sporty shoes are forever in vogue. The effortless style and the comfort that come with these staples are unmatched. In the last few years, athleisure has become a go-to style statement and casual shoes play a pivotal role in tying together these casual athleisure looks in style. With the options being limitless (and most good ones being expensive), youngsters are left to choose from a sea of options. Here’s a new brand from Paragon that brings you casual shoes like never before - shoes that can double up as your everyday staples or as your athleisure statement pieces, the options are endless, really. 

Paragon BLOT is an amalgamation of modern functionality and classic comfort. The collection ponders on the fact that everyday style needs to be both casual and comfortable. These new shoes from the collection are a wonderful match between style and substance. Choose from a variety of stunning casual shoes for men and women, and ace your athleisure game!


There’s nothing quite like a pair of vibrant shoes to brighten your day. Team them up with a monochrome outfit or style them with something colorful for that added zing - colorful shoes are truly a style staple that can amp up your fashion game almost effortlessly.

These pink casual shoes for women from Paragon Blot are stylish, comfortable, and low-key glam! The knitted shoes make for a stunning staple that can be paired with almost any casual outfit for a quirky finish. Featuring a PVC sole that is both durable and comfortable, these shoes come with a knitted exterior that comfortably hugs the feet and gives them a much-needed dose of comfort. The vibrant hues, the classic fit, and the overall style statement are beyond delightful and the perfect style investment for a fashionista.


A pair of black casual slip-ons are probably the most versatile shoes one can own. The effortless functionality that these casual shoes display is beyond usual. The lightweight slip-on shoes are easy to glide in and make you stand out from the crowd.

Made from high-quality lycra and PVC, these shoes are the perfect example of comfort meets style. The PVC sole is both durable and comfortable and ensures ease in every step. The lycra outer embraces the foot for the perfect fit. 

Black shoes are by nature super versatile since they pair well with almost any outfit, and true to their nature, these shoes pair well with all outfits, radiating perfect glam and style. 


A pair of feminine pink shoes are the ideal addition to your footwear collection if you don’t already own them. The neutral pink hue of these shoes in addition to the perfect rendition they come in make for a worthwhile style investment this season. 

Engineered to give your feet optimal comfort, these pink casual shoes from Paragon Blot are the ideal choice for the modern-day woman. Made from knitted fabric and complemented by PVC soles, these shoes offer the best of comfort and style in a single go! 


Making an effortless style statement is not rocket science. All one needs is a pair of casual shoes to enhance the overall look and give that extra zing of style. These black and red sports shoes for men come equipped with the looks and comfort that can amp up your look in no time. The lace-up shoes are supremely stylish and come with details that are simply delightful. 

Crafted from air mesh and rexine, the red and black sports shoes give away a casual look and the promise of comfort. The detailed EVA sole comes with accents of red that make it aethetically pleasing. Overall, this pair is perfect for putting together a look that can cause a stir while keeping you comfortable all day long. 

Looking for casual shoes that can amp up your style? Check out the latest shoes from Paragon BLOT and amp up your style.

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