The Ultimate Dress Shoe Guide For Women

The Ultimate Dress Shoe Guide For Women

Dress shoes are essential pieces of your wardrobe for your classy attire, and a good pair of these women’s shoes ultimately make or break the look. Each woman is unique and has a sense of personal style. Keeping this in mind, Paragon has designed shoes to match every occasion and every mood. The women's shoes are made in splendid designs, eye-catching styles and beautiful colours. Here is the ultimate guide to choosing the right dress shoe for your outfit.

Classy Black For Lovey-Dovey Dates 

You can look beautiful in black and elegant Solea Plus women’s shoes for your exciting date plans with your partner. If you have planned to go to a fine dining restaurant, the best outfit to go with these heels is a navy blue tea-length gown with a waistband in a rich hue of gold. 

The slingback elastic closure is to let you wear these women’s shoes without much hassle so that you can get to meet your lover as soon as possible. The heels add charm and give a nice shape to your feet. Shop for stylish women’s shoes online only from Paragon.


Beautiful Red For Wedding Occasions

Red is a favourite colour among many women as it is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. So, make yourself look attractive with pretty red Solea women’s shoes from Paragon. They are perfect for wedding occasions where you can steal the spotlight in a red-sequined flared skater dress. 

While the peep-toe closure and geometric cut-out designs add a feminine charm to your feet, the inner PVC material provides comfort, letting you walk with graceful steps.


Chirpy Nude For A Shopping Getup

Shopping is fun when you are with friends and it is more so when you are dressed well. A brown colour midi dress in chiffon will look great with these Solea nude women’s shoes made in elegant designs. The women’s shoes in a peep-toe and ballerina style make you look pretty and dainty while you are on your shopping spree. 

The PU outer material allows for a firm grip on your feet and the PVC sole material provides a cushioned feel for your feet - perfect for an all-day splurging. Buy stylish women’s shoes online at affordable prices.


Elegant Maroon For Corporate Events

When you are the star employee of the month, wear an outfit that shows it. When you receive your award at the corporate event, make sure you look your best in a maroon business skirt suit and pair them up with these Solea plus formal shoes for women. 

The heel and the design give the shoe an elegant look for your feet while the resin outer material ensures a proper fit. The sole material, being made of PU, provides comfort and stability when you walk towards your prize. 


Dainty Black For Picnic Outings

Picnics with family are exciting occasions to bond together and relax your mind and body amidst natural sceneries like waterfalls, rivers, or in a beautiful garden. For such fun occasions, you can dress in white a floral dress and complement it with this lovely one-toe, back strap women’s shoes made in classy designs. 

The heels with minimal straps give a dainty appearance to your feet, while the PU inner material provides softness and comfort for your feet for beautiful nature walks. Shop a range of women’s shoes and choose the one that suits you. 

Like what you see? Buy stylish, comfortable, and affordable women's shoes from the ParagonFootwear e-store. If you are lucky, you can get plenty of discounts too. Paragon follows stringent safety procedures and measures in manufacturing facilities, warehouses and delivery processes, ensuring that all Paragon products are #SafeToTouch by you and your family.

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