The Best Kids' Shoes Under 499

The Best Kids' Shoes Under 499

Shoes for kids are more than just a fancy fashion staple, they offer comfort and room to grow - playing a very important role in foot development. When choosing shoes for your child, it is pivotal to opt for the best to ensure that your child’s feet are well taken care of and give them optimal support.

When shopping for kids' school shoes, there are a few tips that you might want to consider to get the best value for your purchase! Stay tuned till the end to get our top 3 secret tips while going shoe shopping for your little one. 

When buying school shoes, keep in mind that quality plays a critical role. Not only do good shoes last long but they give your child comfort like no other. A child spends an average of 4 hours a day (kindergarten) and 7 hours (grade one and above)  in school shoes. It is important that you ensure  that one third of your child’s day is spent in utmost ease. 

Paragon brings you the best school shoes for kids - shoes that are the perfect combination of quality, style and comfort. These shoes are specially designed to keep your child's feet at ease while seamlessly supporting the development of their growing feet. Here are the best school shoes under 499 that you can invest in. 


Black lace up shoes are pretty much standard for all school going kids. These black shoes in particular are a hot favorite among parents and kids alike given how effortlessly comfortable they are. They are also long lasting, which means they give the best bang for your buck. 

Rendered in a classic fashion, these black school shoes for boys are made from PVC material - the gold standard for comfort and longevity. The comfortable insole and the sturdy construction ensure that your child gets the best of both worlds while in the classroom and while at play. The lace up shoes are truly snug - a great investment for your child's school year.


Sporty children love their shoes, but when it comes to cleaning shoes after a day in the field, parents are often left frustrated. These sporty brown shoes are the ideal pair for the active child who loves play time. Easy to wear and easy to clean, these sports must-haves are a favorite among parents too. 

Made from sturdy fabricated cloth and finished off with fine details, these shoes are the perfect choice for when your child wants to go the extra mile in his/her extracurriculars. The lace-up shoes come with sturdy rubber undersoles offering extra grip and support for those rainy day runs. 


Yet another school time classic, these white lace up shoes for kids are perfect for Saturday school gatherings, sports days and other special days. The white lace up shoes are downright sturdy. Made from quality PVC material, these shoes are designed to support the active lifestyle and curious nature of your little one while giving them ample comfort and support every single day 

Choose any of these shoes, they are all under 499. Great value for money and excellent shelf life! 

And as promised, Paragon’s secret sauce to buying the perfect school shoes for kids

  • A child’s feet can grow up to two sizes in six months, keep this into account when shoe shopping 
  • Always go shoe shopping in the evening 
  • Always have an extra pair stocked.

We hope you enjoy shoe shopping for your kids. Check out the latest school shoes for kids at pocket-friendly prices at Paragon - where quality, durability, comfort and style are the secret ingredients that make up every pair. Visit to shop now.

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